Gaza laborers tortured: one dead, thousands suffer — Euro-Med

workers from gaza
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GAZA — Following the deportation of over 3,000 Palestinian laborers to the Gaza Strip on November 3rd, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor shared testimonies of workers who revealed that they had experienced brutal treatment during the four-week detention by Israeli Occupation Forces, with at least one worker confirmed dead as a result of torture.اضافة اعلان

The report revealed that Mansour Nabhan Warsh Agha, a worker from the northern Gaza Strip, tragically lost his life due to the brutal torture he endured.

According to the gathered testimonies, the deported laborers were subjected to appalling conditions. They were blindfolded, had their hands and feet bound, and were transported on private Israeli buses to the Kerem Abu Salem crossing in southeast Gaza. From there, they were forced to walk over five kilometers before finally reaching the Rafah crossing gate and entering the Gaza Strip.

One 62-year-old worker, identified only as "AS," recounted his experience, saying, "They detained us for ten days, during which we were subjected to harsh interrogation. They asked us for details about Palestinian armed groups, and those who claimed not to have information were mercilessly beaten."

Testimonies also revealed that IOF withheld food, medication, and subjected them to various forms of torture, beatings, and psychological intimidation.

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