Footage exposes Israeli tank firing on a civilian-occupied house on Oct. 7

Raising concerns over Israeli military tactics

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TEL AVIV – On Monday, new footage emerged from October 7 documenting an Israeli tank firing at a house where Al-Qassam resistance fighters had barricaded themselves alongside Israeli civilians, incriminating the Israeli Occupational Forces (IOF). اضافة اعلان

Amidst the events of Oct. 7, an Israeli tank arrived at Be'eri hours after Hamas had entered the kibbutz. An Israeli television channel, Channel 12 published the footage filmed from a police helicopter summoned to the area, reported Hebrew-language newspaper, Haaretz.

Yasmin Porat — who left Ra'im to Be'eri, was held in said house. Porat reported that an occupation officer said the shells would not harm people inside, “They do it only on the sides to bring down walls." Hadas Dagan, another person in the house, said she was injured by shrapnel from the shell.

An Israeli woman, released in the recent exchange with Al-Qassam, stated her mother was killed when the IOF fired on their truck during the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, Al-Jazeera reported. She explained that her mother died from Israeli gunfire when the resistance fighters placed them in a truck and Israeli forces proceeded to open fire on the vehicle, knowing that Israeli citizens were present inside. Her mother was shot in the back, while her brother was injured in the leg.

Footage exposes Israeli tank firing on a civilian-occupied house on Oct. 7
As more footage and evidence racks up against the IOF, along with the collateral damage inflicted on civilians, Palestinian or otherwise, serious questions are raised about the Israeli military's tactics. Already, there has been an increase in concern and scrutiny towards Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his government as more scenes of the war emerge.

The recording also documents the many forces gathered outside the main gate of the kibbutz and did not enter it, despite the long time that had passed since the beginning of the operation. "Around 6:10pm something was revealed before me," described one of the residents. "Hundreds of soldiers, dozens of Border Police vehicles, and others, and the soldiers were fully equipped from toe to head. I approached every officer I saw from the rank of major and asked him who was in charge of the event. No one knew. It seemed like total command chaos.”

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