Dr. Abu Sitta: Gaza healthcare crisis - children killed, burn victims, lives lost

(Photo: Twitter/X)
LONDON — During a press conference on Monday in London, Palestinian-British surgeon Ghassan Abu Sitta shared distressing details about the ongoing healthcare crisis in Gaza. According to Sitta, here's what transpired during his time in Gaza, Quds Press Agency Reported:اضافة اعلان

* 160 doctors and nurses lost their lives during the occupation's aggression in the Gaza Strip.
* While at Shifa Hospital, I verified that 45 percent of burn victims were children.
* Witnessing burns caused by white phosphorus bombs, penetrating to the bones of Palestinian patients, was deeply distressing.
* The transformation of Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza into a displaced persons' camp was evident.
* Israeli marches targeted Al-Ahli Hospital's fence with missiles following an evacuation warning given to its director.
* Tremors shook Al-Ahli Hospital during Israeli missile launches in its vicinity.
* Shifa Hospital housed 120 children injured without their families present, and their identities remained unknown.
* An Israeli airstrike led to the collapse of the operating room ceiling at Al-Ahli Hospital during a surgical procedure.
* The front yard of Al-Ahli Hospital became a grim scene, filled with bodies due to Israeli bombardment.
* I witnessed Palestinian casualties shot by snipers in Gaza.
* Necessity forced us to conduct several surgeries without anesthesia, including one on a nine-year-old girl.
* Israeli tanks encircled Al-Ahli Hospital, and its courtyard was strewn with numerous bodies.

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