Divisions within Israeli government and society deepen as war goes on

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AMMAN – Dr. Ayman Al-Haniti, an expert in Israeli affairs, stated that internal divisions within Israeli society are deepening and becoming apparent, especially with the approval of the budget in the first reading, where economic problems are coming to the forefront.اضافة اعلان

According to Jo 24, Al-Haniti said that displaced individuals from Gaza settlements and from northern areas of Israel speak about economic suffering and problems with loans they were forced to take for buying homes, which is part of the settlers' strategy in occupied lands. Additionally, he said there is an issue with reserve soldiers who left their jobs and are now suffering from losing their sources of income, among other problems.

Haniti pointed out that the families of prisoners are now escalating against the occupation government after the recent meeting with the Cabinet, which was stormy and involved direct insults to its members, holding them directly responsible for Israeli prisoners.

He further explained that these disputes explain the scale of killing and extermination committed by the occupation forces in Gaza. He also said it explained the Israeli government's announcement that it is besieging the house of Yahya Sinwar and intends to arrest him as an objective of this war.

He noted that the announcement by the Israeli army of the start of the third stage of the war is part of an attempt to get out of the impasse. 

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