iOS 15: Bugs, Siri, and abandoned features

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AMMAN — Let’s start with a positive note: iOS 15 features updates to the notification system, LiveText, and has revamped the look of Apple’s browser software, Safari. اضافة اعلان

Overall, iOS updates frequently see changes that are universally accepted as positive. While there are subsects around the world that refuse to update their iPhones, most Apple users are happy to.  
So, why was the latest OS met with backlash? 

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

Multiple websites have reported users’ experiences with the latest OS to be lukewarm at best. For starters, iMessage photo-deleting bugs caused ruckus among those who use the app for ease of sending images. Some users also reported bugged-out and malfunctioning Camera apps. 

Freezes are common among certain apps, namely the Mail app. Users reported being completely locked out of the phone for several seconds after launching the application.

Apple’s wake up feature stopped working in certain situations, even after users attempted to swipe up several times. Similar issues were reported even as users touched their phones, which usually triggers the wake-up response.
Warning labels have also been reported as completely misaligned with triggers – many users have reported receiving “storage is full” warnings that could not be closed.

The new update does not include Apple’s promised feature — unlocking the iPhone using Apple Watch. Users around the globe had requested this as a direct response to the face-recognition app not functioning when users wore masks. 

Siri’s missing accessibility features

On a more hazardous note, Siri no longer assists the visually impaired with access to phone calls, voicemails, or emails. Previously a useful feature for those that find it difficult to read off a phone, Siri was able to read out voicemails, access phone calls, and send emails. The feature was either entirely scrapped from the latest OS or is simply non-functional until further notice. 

Previously, when asked, “Do I have any voice mails?”, Siri would list voice mails, their senders, and would read them out. The same can be said for sending emails, where users were able to use the feature to compose and send emails. Now, when asked to send emails, Siri responds with,“Sorry, I can’t do that”. 

These features were also scrapped from the previous iOS version, iOS 14. 

Day-Zero Security Problems 

In a previous article, we discussed the contradictory nature of information harvesting and why, to some extent, it is beneficial for all parties involved to have certain data harnessed for improving targeting and product line-ups for designated individuals. 

However, Apple’s tumble this time around goes beyond a phone type or what burger joint you fancy. Two critical security flaws were pointed out multiple times in the iOS 15 ecosystem by security experts. These two flaws are directly linked to the Game Center, allowing any application to access Apple ID’s and their associated names as well as Apple ID authentication tokens, complete system reads which feature your emails, messages, contact lists, SMS, and other messaging apps – all the while maintaining relevant metadata, including time stamps and statistics such as frequency of texts.

Overall appeal 

For an average user, many of these problems may not interfere with the phone’s performance as much. There are multiple upgrades that, are indeed, worth the new OS upgrade. However, if you have been fine over the past year and are in no rush for change, we do recommend sitting this one out for a bit until the bugs are patched.

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