Google launches ‘Bard’ program in over 50 countries

Google's AI program is now available in most countries, including Brazil and EU countries

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AMMAM — Google launched on Thursday the "Bard" program, an artificial intelligence competitor to "ChatGPT," in about 50 countries, including Brazil and EU countries, after avoiding it for regulatory reasons, media outlets reported.اضافة اعلان

The "Bard" program is now available in most countries around the world and in the most widely used languages, according to Google, which introduced this program in February in response to Microsoft-funded "ChatGPT" developed by OpenAI.

Google said, "We have worked proactively with experts and regulatory officials to expand the program's usage."

Why the delay?The delayed launch of "Bard" in EU countries was explained as a precautionary measure by Google in the face of Brussels' desire to regulate artificial intelligence algorithms, which raise concerns about privacy, misinformation, and intellectual property rights.

Alphabet Inc (Google's parent company) launched a campaign in Brazil in the spring against a plan to regulate online content.

Initially available in only three languages, English, Japanese, and Korean, "Bard" can now generate content in about 40 languages, including Arabic, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Hindi, according to Google.

This program provides its responses in either a conversational, professional, or informal style, or even extracts information from an image.

"Bard" also allows for continuing old conversations with artificial intelligence, a feature originally available in "ChatGPT."

The conversational robots presented as an alternative to traditional online search have achieved great success since the launch of "ChatGPT" in November 2022.

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