5 essential IOS apps for time management

Chief executive Tim Cook speaks at Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose, California on June 4, 2018. Jordan News sleuthed through the apps on the Apple App store to find the best time-management apps for your phone. (Photo: New York Times)
AMMAN — We’ve all been there; so much to do, so little time to do it. This isn’t inherently your fault — people are very fickle with regards to activities, especially the mundane.اضافة اعلان

If you’re on the cusp of building a business of your own, you realize all too well just how many things are floating about in your head at any given time — even when you’re asleep.

It is for this exact reason that that so many IOS apps on Apple’s storefront tell you that they are there to swoop in and make you a lean, mean, task-eliminating machine.

However, most end up being simple task checklists that you scribble off as you complete them, and some even offer more of a total time waste than if you did not fiddle around with the app itself.

Don’t worry though, Jordan News has trudged through the depths of the app store for you and in this article will uncover five IOS apps that actually increase your productivity and enable you to organize and manage your time efficiently.

Good for: Tracking time

When we first learned of RescueTime, it seemed like just another generic time tracking application for your device.

However, after looking into it further, the application does far more than simply track your time, it actually creates suggestions based on its findings, segmenting your time spent on various applications by creating push notifications to remind you of what’s important for the day.

The application does this through mapping out your “shifts,” or the number of times you have switched from what you were previously doing to something else.

Think of being in the middle of writing an important letter, and an email from your colleague at work pops up. According to RescueTime, there is a high chance that you’ll stick around the inbox much longer than you expect browsing through other emails, going through your past replies, or potentially even further continuing to respond to non-essential communications.

Good for: Automating and setting meetings

Whether you like them or hate them, meetings are an essential part of every businessperson’s life. While executives have secretaries that schedule appointments, we’re pretty sure that these two apps come as close as possible as having your own scheduler.

Doodle is an automated scheduling application that creates a unique link to your calendar and updates itself in real time. With access to this link, anyone can schedule an appointment at any time by clicking on the link and browsing through the time slots that you set.

This removes the need for unnecessary calls, constant checking of your schedule, and more importantly makes it incredibly intuitive for customers or clients to book appointments with you within seconds.

Good for: Setting that buzzing phone aside

For all mini-game enthusiasts out there, Forest developed a game that enables progression that only progresses when your phone is put down.
You start by planting a seed once the application is first launched, and as soon as it is running in the background and the phone is locked and stationary, the seed continuously grows.

While it’s a long undertaking, your seed eventually grows into a full forest full of vibrant colors and interchangeable seasons. However, it does have other uses too, if you’re that friend that always glances at their phone during a hangout simply out of habit, Forest may be an actual gamechanger for breaking the habit.

Good for: Training habitual behavior 

Speaking of video games, if Forest was a simple enough concept that brings out your inner green thumb, Habitica takes this concept further and gamifies your entire routine experience.

Habitica is a gamified task manager that allows you to build habit-based schedules for rewards.

Interestingly enough, the application actually collects data about your location during these tasks, and since the app focuses on repetition, it can actually track whether or not you cheat by hitting “completed,” without actually completing the task.

The game starts you off as a level one character that gains levels, armor, weapons, and even quests that grow in terms of scope and rewards as you progress through your habitual cycle.

While this doesn’t necessarily help you manage your time, it does create additional incentives to stay consistent throughout your routine activities.

Good for: Listening to text on the go

Since the inception of the podcast, it has become evident that in the modern age multitasking has become the new norm. Gone are the days when you could pull up a video and watch it in its entirety: Now, you simply plug and play a podcast while you drive, walk or do any other task that can be performed on autopilot.

This has created an opportunity to create time — within time. With that in mind, what podcasts are to the video broadcasting world, Speechify is to anything that is written out on your screen.

Speechify has a simple premise: it reads anything and everything on your phone. Be it a document, an article online, or a report sent over from work, plugging it into Speechify saves you the ordeal of reading by successfully transcribing all text into verbal speech that is then spoken out to you.

While this isn’t necessarily groundbreaking technology, there isn’t a single application on the App Store that we found that could perform with the same efficiency, clarity, and speed compared to speechify.

Speechify has a free trial for a week, and then becomes a subscription-based service costing $7.99 per month. For the amount of time this application can potentially save you, we think this is by far one of best bang for your buck apps out there.

In summary

While there are plenty of alternate apps that are available on the Apple storefront, we believe that these apps are by far some of the easiest to use and most effective.

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