Using flower power to brighten your home

Flower Power
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Interior design trends come and go, as do interior accessories. One interior accent, however, has withstood the test of time: a bouquet of flowers remains a much-loved staple in homes the world over.اضافة اعلان

Flowers are loved for a variety reasons: they smell wonderful and bring joy and freshness to a home and one’s life. They are always beautiful to admire, adding an element of changeable beauty to your interior design. Their range of color, shape, and scent offer an almost endless flexibility to interior design and let you tailor your space to your preference.

Flowers in the home also provide subconscious benefits, boosting your mood and energy with joyful colors and natural scents. There is nothing quite like the sight of the bright blue of cornflowers or the sumptuous pinks of an opening peony to rapidly inject a sense of happiness into the day.

For me, a large part of the joy of keeping flowers comes from the initial arrangement. To plan, select, and prepare your bouquet is a very satisfying process that allows you to get creative and hands-on with your interior accents. However, if you are a novice to the world of floral arrangements, then it can seem a slightly daunting task. For that reason, we have compiled five basic steps to crafting the perfect floral arrangement for your home.

Plan your arrangement
The crucial first step to nailing your arrangement is the initial design. Before heading to the florist, get an idea of the colors you think would complement your space and think about the shapes and scents you may want to work with. As flowers come in a spectrum of hues, you can settle on a general color palette before getting into the. However, remember that it is still essential to go to the shop with an open mind, as you may be disappointed if your dream scheme is not available.

Head to the florist
Amman is bursting at the seams with little flower shops — there is probably one within walking distance. Amman’s flower shop are great as they can prepare special gift bouquets for your every need, but can also help you select individual schemes according to your tastes and budget. You can find out the price of each individual flower and build your arrangement around their costs.

Cut and prepare your flowers
After purchasing your bouquet, the most important thing to do is thoroughly prepare your flowers and vase. Start by giving your chosen vase a clean. If you skip this step then any bacteria that may be present from your last bunch of flowers may linger around for the new set.

Then prepare the flowers themselves. First remove any leaves that would be submerged in water, then recut the base of the stems diagonally to maximize the flowers’ water absorption. By preparing properly, you prolong the lifespan of your arrangement. Moldy water will wilt your flowers much quicker.

Build the base
How you create an arrangement can vary depending on your resources and experience. Expert florists suggest that you fill the base of an opaque vase with floral foam (a green crumbly foam that you may recognize from gift bouquets) or cover the top of a clear vase with a grid of floral tape. Both allow you to fix your flowers in place, but they’re not essential; your flowers will just move a little bit.

You can build up a floral base with greenery of your choosing. Eucalyptus or ivy can be woven into a sturdy vertical base in the vase.

The perfect bouquet
Now that all your flowers are prepped, your base is built, and you have a vision of what you are going to create, you can start the creative process of perfecting your arrangement. Start by adding focal flowers to your vase — these are normally the biggest or brightest of your choices, and the ones that will draw immediate attention. Use an odd number of focal flowers to avoid creating a symmetrical or sterile appearance, and make sure to place them throughout the space of your bouquet.

Once these flowers are in, add your filler flowers. These smaller flowers should complement and build on your focal points. You can cluster your filler flowers for a natural look — make sure to build them around the bouquet to create a dome like shape.

Once you’re happy with the arrangement, it is time to display your creative work, but make sure the flowers have water and flower food before setting them out.

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