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Today's Horoscopes

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TAURUS: Things are speeding up and changing fast. Do a reality check before you jump into something that has too many variables. When in doubt, take a pass and avoid the drama that comes with stressful situations and people who are unstable.اضافة اعلان

GEMINI: Plan to get together with people you know and trust to abide by the rules. Don't let an outsider disrupt your life or the goals you set out to accomplish. Take control of a situation, and you'll avoid letting someone take you for granted.

CANCER: Be cautious not to take on more than you can handle. Generosity will leave you in a compromising position. Take a step back and consider what's doable before you promise more than you can deliver. Be gracious but reasonable.

LEO: Deep breathing will help you navigate your way through emotional ups and downs. A little patience, a sense of humor and a positive attitude will encourage others to calm down and make better decisions. Home improvements will gratify you.

VIRGO: Think matters through before you decide to alter your course. Having everything in order will be mandatory if you want to avoid stress and become successful. Draw on your charm as well as your intelligence to get your way. Romance is encouraged.

LIBRA: Think outside the box. Turn your ideas into something concrete. Take on responsibilities that will beef up your resume or draw attention from those in a position to help you advance. Take the initiative to pursue what brings you joy.  

SCORPIO: Observation will lead to the answers you want. Pay attention, and you'll come up with a plan that will put you in the driver's seat. Keep your goals simple, flexible and ready to initiate, and everything will fall into place.

SAGITTARIUS: Invest time and money in something that will benefit you, your family or your community. What you have to offer will turn into an opportunity to lead to a profitable position or pursuit. Do not share personal information.

CAPRICORN: Keep a low profile, show interest in what others do and look for alternative ways to get ahead. You are overdue for a change, but how you go about it will determine how successful things will turn out for you.

AQUARIUS:  Don't limit what you can do when expansion, new interests and finding joy in what you do are what are required. Having a purpose and accomplishing something that makes you feel good will lead to better relationships with loved ones.

PISCES: Volunteer for something that will make a difference to a cause you believe in, and it will encourage you to use your skills differently. Finish what you start, and enjoy a little downtime with someone you love. Romance is encouraged.

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