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ARIES: Flaunt your positive energy and happy smile at the workplace or on the job. Your pleasing appearance can impress people who evaluate your performance or could persuade someone into giving you a better deal.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: This may not be the time to attempt to tie things down that need to fly free. Do not try to extract a promise when conditions might change and alter the results. Any job worth doing is worth doing to the best of your ability.

GEMINI: This could be a good time to burn off anger, frustration or excessive energy in acceptable ways. Try going to the gym or getting your bicycle out of storage. Just because you do not get your way does not mean you need to start a fight.

CANCER: Put your best foot forward whenever you are at work or in the public eye. A companion or a loved one might have hidden depths and talents but only give you a glimpse of their biggest dreams.

LEO: Try to resist someone's attempts to persuade you to play hooky or avoid responsibility. Get positive feedback and keep respect by getting tasks done rather than focusing on fun right now, no matter how tempting it may be.

VIRGO: You might take someone’s good will for granted or slip into a lazy frame of mind. Fulfill your obligations and try not to let a run of good luck make you forget to do your best. This is not the time to perform subpar work.

LIBRA: Levelheaded bargaining can help you arrive at a beneficial agreement. A new relationship that initially made you suspicious or concerned may have been evaluated and found to be worth pursuing.

SCORPIO: What seems like a possible romantic attachment could turn out to be merely a friendly encounter. Concentrate on making your job and income secure. It may be best to put romance on the back burner until the weekend.

SAGITTARIUS: Listen to your most trusted advisers and follow any counsel you receive. This is a time when you can take promises and assurances seriously and accept compliments since they are probably sincere.

CAPRICORN: Do not settle for anything less than the real thing. It would be wise to re-examine a family member’s unrealistic ideas or your own romantic daydreams. You may need to insist on tangible progress.

AQUARIUS: If you are asked to complete a project on time, you might need to work late hours at the office. Having a relaxing movie night with loved ones may need to be saved for another time when there is not such a strict timeline.

PISCES: A pushy person could push too many buttons. Noisy places and people could disturb your inner tranquility. Fight the urge to complain and restrain your resentment when faced with a plethora of minor annoyances.

IF MARCH 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You could be feeling carefree and optimistic as this week begins because you could have an opportunity to make significant changes. Your generosity and benevolence will attract helpful people willing to grant favors as the focus of your life shifts in exciting ways. Apply your intelligence and energies to making your life the way you want it to be in April. Avoid new romantic entanglements or financial schemes that seem too good to be true in May, when you may be easily fooled. Late July is a much better time to escape into your daydreams by indulging in a creative project or by spending extra time with a romantic partner. Join a group of like-minded friends to explore your options. Do not take good luck for granted in August or October when your own eagle eye and astute observations will help you make sound financial and business decisions.

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