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ARIES: You might attract favorable attention, but you may not return the feeling. A blind date may not turn out as well as expected. Try focusing on fulfilling your promises within existing relationships, both romantic and platonic.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Look inward for guidance but take inspiration from outside. You might become attracted to the glamour of the stage or the escapism of films. You could find yourself having daydreams filled with clues about what your aspirations could be in this world.

GEMINI: Take the lead by tackling constructive activities and do something good. You can flex your muscles by competing in a sport or using your extra energy to make headway with the work piled up on your desk.

CANCER: It isn’t only the destination that matters; the journey is equally if not more important. There can be different recipes for success — find one that resonates with your soul and also does some good in the world.

LEO: There may be someone who catches your eye and could have more in mind than a platonic relationship. You may need to set a boundary if this person tries to pry into your financial status or asks you for a loan.

VIRGO: You have the power to quash the competition and exceed expectations. Try not to get distracted by a charming person who has not proved themselves trustworthy, or by someone who brings out your worst.

LIBRA: Find a coworker who can work with you. Acting on your own could seem disagreeable, but you may be hindered by accepting help from the wrong workmate. Resist the possible urge to play hooky or leave early from your job.

SCORPIO: Kick your ambitions up a notch. You may be content with what you already have and might need an incentive to work harder. You might want to buy the best while your family or housemates could want to cut corners or costs.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be pleasantly surprised at the results when you trust that the universe will protect your interests. If you have business deals brewing, this might be an exciting time to put together profitable plans.

CAPRICORN: Your business abilities could be top tier, but that does not mean you cannot be deceived. You might want to avoid starting costly new projects or making investments unless you have thoroughly vetted the subject.

AQUARIUS: You might want to apply best business practices to your own budget. Now may not be the optimal time to accept an IOU or borrow money. Work diligently to correct any mistakes brought to your attention.

PISCES: To achieve something, you may need to make a few mistakes. You can create something special even if it may cause some disruption. You may be wiser than usual about your finances and major purchases.

IF MARCH 6 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: The answer to your most important prayers may appear before the end of this month so be prepared to accept whatever opportunities are offered. Remain optimistic because a chance to make lasting improvements could come your way and since you are wiser than usual, you should make sound decisions. Keep a rein on your competitiveness in June, when you might meet your match. Reassess your finances and relationships in July when you are more astute and more imaginative than usual. That is a good time for a romantic or relaxing vacation, too. By August, your social life could be focused on group activities, but this might entail added responsibilities or interfere with your own pet projects. Don’t overextend yourself in November as you may have unexpected obligations dumped in your lap. Life takes a turn for the better in December, which is an excellent time to launch key plans and initiatives.

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