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ARIES: Do not let someone force your hand. Set up a new budget and keep your money safe from any threat. You are likely to be trusted to do the right thing and may even be able to save the day by being quick to act.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Detours should lead back to the main road. You may be sidetracked by obstacles or forced to stop to handle unpleasant situations. Do your best to remain calm because in a few more days this will be behind you.

GEMINI: Display your logic. Remain neutral during a dispute or you may end up on the wrong side of someone. Give other people a preview of your opinions while you make a point to remain sensitive to theirs.

CANCER: Put on your thinking cap and figure out how to make ends meet. Work to achieve financial stability by using sensible tactics and strategies, which may require going the extra mile and exerting yourself to the maximum.

LEO: Someone may be more interested in calculating how to affect the outcome than the outcome itself. Don’t let get-rich schemes become a distraction. Follow instructions and set boundaries for dealing with challenging people.

VIRGO: Eventually your discontent and discomfort can be translated into more freedom, but for the present time, you need to accept the rules and limitations you have been dealt. Uphold promises and obligations.

LIBRA: You could be too efficient for your own good and you might be practical and matter of fact when someone else expects some sympathy. A close friend or coworker should show their true colors whenever you need a helping hand.

SCORPIO: Realign your perspective. Try to build teamwork and consensus to meet your goals. It might be tempting to go along with the crowd, but perhaps you should collect the facts and form your own opinions.

SAGITTARIUS: It is time to use your charm and wisdom to get something accomplished. Rise to any occasion and focus on creative activities. It may be challenging to achieve balance in a relationship or a work schedule.

CAPRICORN: Put the extra cash in your bank account rather than the slot machine. You may feel intimidated and spend money on something you do not really want. A partner or loved one may offer sensible financial guidance.

AQUARIUS: Don’t be discouraged. Climbing the ladder of success requires unflagging persistence. No one has your exact mission; stay in your own lane and let other people stay in theirs. Don’t blame yourself if someone crosses a line.

PISCES: Just because some other people have it, does not make it right for you. You could give in to an urge to buy something that seems sensible, but when you get it home it may not suit you. Focus on lasting value.

IF FEB. 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the next three to four weeks, it is essential to follow the rules and give no one any reason to disapprove or criticize. Your ambitions may be at a high point, but you must pay your dues and gather experience. The end of March might give some relief from a tough schedule and time for group activities or social networking. At the same time, you could miss out on what is important because you’re tempted to daydream or give in to some overly wishful thinking. You are unlikely to want to listen to anyone who tells you that “all that glitters isn’t gold” in April. Consider embracing any offer or opportunity that comes your way in June, when you are more likely to attract people and situations that are good for you. Put important plans into motion or ask for advice from those who are wiser and worldlier than you are.

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