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ARIES: A little validation is always fun as long as you don’t depend on it. You may shine in social gatherings, so this can be a good time to engage in networking to gain new allies. Avoid giving in to risky impulses.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Breathe and cool your jets right now; you may be tempted to make drastic changes but should wait until things settle down more. Focus on social activities or a romance that may be ready to turn a corner.

GEMINI: Do what you can to sort through the facts so you can arrive at a clear decision. Your advice will likely be appreciated; however, you can tell people where to look, but you can’t tell them what viewpoint to take away.

CANCER: A surprise flirtation could be a welcome distraction. If you enter a new relationship without any expectations or projections, you can see it for what it really is. New friends or lovers could be here today and gone tomorrow.

LEO: It may be time for a reboot. You may decide to break away from the people or situations that feel toxic or destroy your peace of mind. A partner or loved one could surprise you with unexpected actions.

VIRGO: Stop and wait. Your business and financial skills should be solid, but you might be overconfident when negotiating with others. There could be unexpected changes in personnel or policies somewhere that may impact you.

LIBRA: Go home with the person you arrived with. This isn’t the time to break up with a partner or to take a casual flirtation too seriously. Someone may create drama or draw a line in the sand just to get more attention.

SCORPIO: This isn’t a good day to start a new relationship unless you want a no-strings-attached fling. Your more stable companions or family members may display some eccentricities or act in an unpredictable way.

SAGITTARIUS: Focus on discussing goals and values with a partner or loved one. When you’re truly grateful for what you have with someone, it’s easier to resolve differences. You and a friend may share a common cause or interest.

CAPRICORN: A partner or loved one may be overeager to make changes or a family friend could cause friction. Avoid making changes to your financial plan or investments as this could cause even more stress and disruption.

AQUARIUS: Make sure appropriate safeguards are in place in your life. There could be some unexpected events or changes within your family. You and loved ones may not agree about who should make a final judgment call.

PISCES: It would be wise to reassess your long-term goals and make sure you understand your current financial situation clearly. If you push, you’ll encounter resistance; planting seeds and making mild suggestions may be more effective now.

IF FEB. 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the next two weeks, find appropriate channels for your increasing energies and competitive prowess. Joining an exercise class or regular walking should help keep your head clear. Keep your feet on the ground during the balance of February and March, rather than being too immersed in imagination or wishful thinking. Your social life could blossom in May when you might enjoy a relaxing vacation, meet new and unusual people, or form a romantic bond. Let yourself go with the flow during July when your sincere prayers could be answered in a very surprising way, and you might consider joining a group that shares your interests. Late July is a particularly good time to apply sound business strategies to improve your financial stability.

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