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ARIES: Get your chores completed early in the day when energies are at a peak. You may be at your best participating in sports or outdoor activities where you can get some exercise. Make intelligent changes to your budget.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Knowledgeable friends can become valuable companions. Use your attraction to new information as an excuse to seek out relevant facts hidden from obvious view. Make wise changes to your personal financial policies.

GEMINI: Stand up for what is right and you will become an excellent role model. Demonstrate sticking to the high road and operating in full integrity. Whether you defend, or offer wise advice, your contribution is valued.

CANCER: Nail down the details completely. Minor misunderstandings in a group setting could cause a heated exchange. Learn from any criticisms and acknowledge issues that exist between you and your loved ones.

LEO: Fix what’s broken. Prioritize issues that come to your attention so you handle things in order of urgency and importance. This is a good weekend to focus on achieving your goals and work side by side with a loyal partner.

VIRGO: When you reflect upon the mystical and beautiful interconnection of all things, you realize you are a part of that whole too. Listen to a respected adviser, they may have an ingenious solution to a pressing dilemma.

LIBRA: Find a way to work out a compromise. You do not need to be in business mode when someone offers to do you a favor. Open your mind and what you learn about communicating clearly could blow you away.

SCORPIO: If you swim with the current, you are less likely to become a fish out of water. Consider embracing resonant ideas and approaches. Step up the pace as needed; most often the world is looking for results, not excuses.

SAGITTARIUS: Reality can offer the greatest rewards. Show off your proud creative efforts or entertain your friends with your good humor. A new relationship could grow quickly so now is the time to figure out exactly what you want and need.

CAPRICORN: Embrace every opportunity to outline your ideas. You can overcome minor setbacks by brainstorming solutions with others or trying something different. Make new friends who share your passions and interests.

AQUARIUS: Take pride in participation and increase your engagement in activities in the world around you. Any activity that allows you to compete might satisfy certain needs and desires. Be polite and mindful of others.

PISCES: Group activities and community gatherings may offer both positives and negatives, but you still may need to show up. Put networking skills into action to widen your list of contacts and enhance your reputation, too.

IF JAN. 28 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Do not begin anything new or make any major changes during the next eight weeks when seeing only what you want to see could prevent you from making wise and realistic decisions. You are likely to have extra energy during late March and April, so this is a good time to participate in athletic competitions or to begin an exercise program. If you’re single, a new romance could brighten your life in May, or you could enjoy a vacation or weekend escapade with a partner that may live up to your most wonderful hopes and dreams. In June, your happy-go-lucky attitude might attract supporters and opportunities to improve your situation, but at the same time, you may not be interested in expending too much energy or in competing against others. In July, your desire for material success grows and you have the business skills and street smarts on hand to take advantage of every opening.

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