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ARIES: If you’ve chosen goals that require skills and knowledge you lack, it’s time to add some new tools to your tool belt or find someone to delegate to. Your work or career can benefit from wise policies and helpful connections.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your inner fire hasn’t gone out but could be just simmering right now. Your passion and your determination to succeed can be rekindled with some new inspiration. Embrace original concepts and technologies.

GEMINI: Make optimism a priority. Squeeze out all the juicy goodness from a loved one’s or partner’s dynamic ideas. You might be temporarily pessimistic about your own career prospects but you can work toward reaching jointly shared goals.

CANCER: Some people might call it writer’s block. You may find it more difficult to communicate with loved ones but can be inspired by their performance. It is time to follow someone else’s stellar example.

LEO: Someone’s hidden agenda could be obvious to your sharp eyes – find a generous and magnanimous way to deal with an obvious attempt to block your path. It’s time to act if the writing is clearly on the wall.

VIRGO: Independent thinking and original ideas could be rewarded; you’ll have more fun and satisfaction if you allow yourself some creative activities. When negotiating for improved conditions, be sure that everyone benefits equally.

LIBRA: Practice patience; for now, duty must come before pleasure. A partner or loved one’s attention waver a bit in the face of opportunity, but devotion should remain steadfast. Avoid an unnecessary misunderstanding.

SCORPIO: You may be prepared to make a change for the better, so consider embracing something new and different that comes your way. If a loved one or partner receives extra publicity, it can serve your mutual interests.

SAGITTARIUS: Consider their history when you are assessing whether someone might be worthy of your trust. Have confidence in your own good judgment and support a loved one who may have doubts or concerns.

CAPRICORN: Consider the relative value of protecting a secret versus the freedom you feel when you are fully transparent.. When you’re 100% honest, you have nothing to fear. Share new interests or creative projects with loved ones.

AQUARIUS: Sometimes, the best organizational setup and most industrious application of efforts can come out of sheer necessity. Be sure to handle any and all nagging details, then find time to enjoy a happy family occasion.

PISCES: Make sure your empathy is more than just optics, do your best to understand someone’s situation and then do what you can to help. Make sure you combine your strength with gentle treatment of yourself and others.

IF JAN. 3 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Sidestep misunderstandings during the next four to five weeks when committed relationships could experience some ups and downs. Your romantic expectations might not be satisfied, or you may be tempted break off a good relationship thinking another one might be better. Stick it out and have some faith in a loved one’s loyalty because your confidence and enthusiasm should be restored by late February. You may be moved to try something new in late March to satisfy your need for inspiration even if it does not bring any obvious practical benefits. Avoid making new investments or key business decisions in late April or early May when your business sense is at a low point. Your ambitions and thirst for material success may increase in June. July may bring helpful opportunities and should be the best time to decide if someone truly has your best interests at heart, because anyone unworthy should not be able to get a foot in your door.

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