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ARIES: Snap judgments and casual promises always turn out to be trouble downstream. Sentimental conversations may lead nowhere. Remember to follow through on promises made to your friends and neighbors.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You might shine brightly, have original ideas and enjoy thinking independently, but on the biggest issues, you may need to find a way to fit in. Assess situations as they develop to work out the best course of action.

GEMINI: Your confidence in your abilities may seem challenged; remind yourself of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. A visitor may quickly wear out their welcome, set reasonable limits at the get-go, before things get out of hand.

CANCER: Consider going along with people you respect on the big issues but always do your own thinking too. Nobody’s perfect; when you accept your own faults, you will automatically be more accepting of others’ faults too.

LEO: Everybody has made mistakes; learn from it if you find an error. Your home and family can be an oasis where almost anything you do may be accepted without question. Romantic stars may trigger closer intimacies.

VIRGO: Some people may tend to exaggerate. You can make huge strides if you possess all the facts and are open to trying something new. Remain reasonable if mistakes are pointed out or things don’t go your way.

LIBRA: This could be a good day to concentrate on holiday decorating or home-based activities where the family can participate. New friends may be interesting but could be impulsive and change their plans at the last minute.

SCORPIO: You and a partner may share a willingness to break with tradition. A new approach can update outdated holiday pastimes that no longer feel meaningful. An illuminating conversation might open up new possibilities.

SAGITTARIUS: Pay attention during checkout; carelessness can result in a mistake or loss. Be compassionate and kind even when someone opposes your wishes. Listen to your intuition rather than rationalizing someone’s behavior.

CAPRICORN: This might be a night to get some takeout. If you are feeling burned out, try to find yourself a little corner of time to recharge your batteries. Social activities and happy outings could be in the stars for today.

AQUARIUS: If meeting someone new or going out on a first date could feel like a job interview, take time to wrap your head around it in advance. Your risk of overspending is in direct proportion to the number of transactions made.

PISCES: Your plans may run into unexpected opposition, or you may have taken someone’s assurances at face value. You can obtain the best results by planning carefully, then taking every step one at a time.

IF DEC. 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: The next two to three weeks can bring a spring in your step as you enthusiastically anticipate holiday pleasures. This can be a good time to display your leadership talents, so put vacation plans on hold. You might see a surge in your popularity but you could be attracted to unrealistic plans and unreliable people as the new year arrives. Late February might be the best time for a romantic weekend or a vacation that inspires you to be more creative. Your judgment is at its best in late April. Embrace any opportunities or offers that come along if they could improve your life on some level. Anyone who comes into your life at this point will likely have your best interests in mind. Late June when your judgment is enhanced is the best time to create a new business plan or to launch a moneymaking project.

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