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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Something tonight might make you realize that you have not accomplished all the things you set out to accomplish. During the upcoming week, you may need to struggle a bit to satisfy a partner and honor promises.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Some change could be good for your key relationships. A minor disagreement with a coworker or job insecurity in the week ahead can have a happy ending. Avoid letting someone influence your decisions too much.

GEMINI: Pay your dues. As the week unfolds, you can work hard to gather necessary experience to achieve your goals. As a cycle moves toward completion, you could gather insights so your objectives may shift.

CANCER: Something might bring your attention to thinking about how family dynamics affect your standing in the community. You may become more interested in creative money-making activities during the week ahead.

LEO: Experience can help to illuminate the problems, as well as the benefits, of handling criticism and adjusting to changes. Material success might come from your diligent efforts if you are attentive in the upcoming week.

VIRGO: Instances where you have overspent on impulse items or on entertainment may come into focus for your consideration. You may resolve to adhere to a stricter budget as the week goes by and avoid making impulsive purchases.

LIBRA: Put things in perspective. Something may give you a different view of a loved one or partner that could cause future misunderstandings. You might choose to make changes in the coming week to better achieve mutual ambitions.

SCORPIO: Be prepared to be flexible. Avoid career-related misunderstandings during the next week by letting differences simmer without escalating to the boiling point. Take notes when a partner offers new ideas.

SAGITTARIUS: Tiny tensions may take their toll in the upcoming week. Family squabbles might require careful handling. Clear the air on the job by changing the subject or by starting something quite new and exciting.

CAPRICORN: Don’t shake things up before you pop the cork. Someone’s bottled up emotions may explode unless they are released gently. Focus on organizing your possessions and budget in the week to come.

AQUARIUS: Anchor yourself to a worthwhile ideal. You may achieve recognition by following the rules and refusing to be set adrift by difficult people during the week ahead. Family members could give you key insights.

PISCES: You could get a wake-up call about an overemphasis on your finances or an indulgence in extravagances. You might be forced to reassess your budget and learn how to handle your expenditures with more care in the coming week.

IF OCT. 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You could be faced by a sea of conflicting emotions during the next two to three weeks. In November, what is essential to your happiness could change and move in a new direction. You might be attracted by new trends and because you wish to break free of the ordinary, you may insist on more freedom to experiment. In December, you could be more romantic than usual but a new face in your circle could be a passing flirtation, not true and lasting love. In January, your business skills and financial expertise should be better than usual, but guard against wishful thinking and any unrealistic get-rich schemes. Late January and early February, when you are wiser than usual, is likely the best time to put plans into motion and to make beneficial decisions.

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