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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Be aware, keep things in balance and try to avoid choosing sides. Use your charisma and people skills in social settings, online or on the job to sideline budding disagreements and misunderstandings.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your reputation as an up and comer can be enhanced by the company you keep. Getting too involved in a temporary misunderstanding could dislocate your halo. Rely on good sense and be tolerant of others.

GEMINI: Organize your time and create a viable schedule. Much can be accomplished when you focus on being more efficient. People are probably willing to work with your agenda and may be happy to donate to your favorite causes.

CANCER: You could be caught in a web of wishful thinking. A misunderstanding over terminology might be difficult to clear up. Stay in touch with reliable partners and don’t waver from a successful financial plan.

LEO: Stay in your own lane. Keep your wallet in the drawer and your credit card on ice to avoid indulging in risky purchases. Spend your time in attending to your own issues rather than getting involved in other people’s business.

VIRGO: Test the waters before you dive in. Loved ones might seem irritable or inscrutable during the next few days, so you might need to draw upon more patience and diplomacy. Take steps to avoid confrontations or misunderstandings.

LIBRA: Your views and opinions on social issues may shift as autumn officially begins. Someone may expect you to adopt a more broadminded attitude. Remember to be respectful of other people’s beliefs and lifestyles.

SCORPIO: Don’t try to sell your plans or proposals. You may be unaware that someone may be suspicious of your motives. It may be boring to stick to the tried and true, but it is better that trying something new that causes distress.

SAGITTARIUS: This is not the time to push your luck. Your closest relationships are solid as a rock and won’t be torn apart by misunderstandings or outside interference. Do everything possible to protect your vulnerabilities.

CAPRICORN: Don’t push ahead now, you may not be solidly supported. A past mistake or old bill could show up and consume your nest egg. Agreements and contracts could grow more expensive over time if finalized today.

AQUARIUS: Start stacking the building blocks of success. Apply some intelligent organization into your tasks if you hope to build something worthwhile. You can be a straight shooter without being rude or unpleasant.

PISCES: Fight off the fear that arises from negative projections. You may be confused by a message or let doubts lead to a misunderstanding. If you make a point to be fair, you can straighten out a work-related problem.

IF SEPT. 22 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You likely possess the vision and opportunities you need to achieve your ambitions during the next four to five weeks. Build strong ties with helpful people and remain alert for a unique opportunity or helpful advice from a kindhearted acquaintance. You may have a chance to make improvements that solve some long-standing problems. You might feel carefree or be careless in November and December. You could be too trusting in early January so ask for advice from a wise associate before accepting offers. In February, you can be intense about attaining material success and willing to work hard to achieve your goals. While you may successfully launch a new business or project, it could become time consuming and may entail additional responsibilities.

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