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ARIES: Understand the difference between kindness and weakness. Your reaction to challenges can be mild, or you could be spurred on to greater achievement. When opportunity knocks, go to the door Right away.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Stick to your boundaries. This is a day when a stubborn refusal to budge can be an asset. Do not react to confrontations or challenges by making a sudden change of course. Wait for better timing to start something new.

GEMINI: If a rug is pulled out from under you, learn to dance or fly – a surprise can be masterfully turned to your advantage. Interruptions, disruptions and distractions might actually introduce something more useful and lasting.

CANCER: Be confident in what you know – you may be challenged to prove your competence under competitive circumstances. Prove that you aren’t too proud to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with your team.

LEO: Start the day off on the right foot by approaching problems with an open mind. If someone tries to start an argument, do not mistake it for an opportunity to get the upper hand. Remain ethical and above reproach.

VIRGO: Strive to maintain self-discipline. You may be tempted to make an impulsive change, but it is best to stick to your plan. You can still indulge in the finer things and share your enjoyment with the people you love.

LIBRA: Competition may spur you to further accomplishment. While it is not a good time to initiate new activities, it can be an ideal time to work well as a member of a team. A sensible partner can show you the ropes.

SCORPIO: Exercise wisdom rather than control. You can use your insight to make things go your way in the workplace. By displaying a cooperative attitude and being generous, you can support the relationship with a loved one.

SAGITTARIUS: Take the leisurely route toward financial security. Your bank account can end up on a roller coaster ride if you dip into savings and overspend. You may be able to craft a comfortable compromise with a partner.

CAPRICORN: Grow closer to loved ones and friends by being content with what you have rather than letting dissatisfaction bait you into losing your cool. Passing aggravations could cause you to act first and regret later.

AQUARIUS: What you want and what you need may not be the same thing. Take plenty of deep breaths and don’t overthink a situation that you can’t control. This is not a good time to take on any additional debts or financial obligations.

PISCES: Don’t try to swim upstream against the current. This is a good day to stay put and avoid making any major changes. A tense situation that you feel could be unbearable may straighten itself out within a day or two.

IF SEPT. 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might let your dreams trigger greater ambitions as the next two to three weeks unfold. Concentrate on remaining down to earth and practical in late October when your business sense can be at its best. You may readily absorb new ideas and embrace independence in November, when you could be eager for change. Be discreet about forming new attachments in the first half of December when your wishfulness quotient is high, and you could be fooled by surface appearances. Don’t let social affairs, group activities, or politics influence your decisions in late December and early January. An opportunity that comes into your life in March could seem too good to be true, but with some due diligence, it might be seen to be worth accepting. That is when your judgment is at its best and you can make sound decisions about your love life or business. 

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