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ARIES: It makes good sense to stick with the cleverest strategies. If weekend chores seem unexciting, be grateful if they are within your capacity to handle. Remind yourself that every improvement adds to your future comfort.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: The tides have turned but it is wise to wait until things settle down to make a key change or a firm decision. You can thaw someone’s cold shoulder with some sincere apologies. Handle financial details with finesse.

GEMINI:  Be thorough. You could achieve success with almost anything you try if you are willing to read more than the first paragraph of the instructions. You are usually able to perform any job quickly and do it right.

CANCER: It’s deeply satisfying to be able to donate to a worthy cause. Tensions might dissipate if you are just as generous with loved ones. This is a good time to give and accept apologies and clear up misunderstandings.

LEO: Don’t think you can sit back and bask in someone’s unconditional affection without contributing your part. Loved ones are likely to expect you to follow through on your duties and to be cooperative and supportive.

VIRGO: Today could give you a fresh perspective; you may realize that gentle persuasion can get better results than any attempted display of power. Rein in any aggressive impulses and offer understanding and forgiveness.

LIBRA: The universe offers lessons but can also reward your triumphs. You can provisionally accept an apology even if you may remain skeptical of its sincerity. Community social gatherings could be on your calendar.

SCORPIO: Your ideas are likely to have merit. You will be happiest if you have quiet time to do self-care and note any inspiring thoughts and ideas. Loved ones and family may seem focused on the negative now.

SAGITTARIUS: Shore up the core values that bring abundance and serenity into your life. Your belief in someone’s loyalty can remain unchanged despite a rift. An apology and quick conversation can quickly clear the air.

CAPRICORN: Keep your credit card firmly put away and refuse to pull it out now. This isn’t the right time to make investments or major purchases. Also avoid taking on new debts or any new financial commitments.

AQUARIUS: Work hard early so that you can play hard later on. Complete nagging household chores or meet job-related deadlines. You may even enjoy mixing business with pleasure at weekend social gatherings.

PISCES: Light is shining on your relationships, making people in your life seem more important. What goes around, comes around. Build up more good karma by being generous to someone who is less fortunate.

IF AUG. 27 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the upcoming four to five weeks, you may have a chance to improve any conditions or circumstances that have held you back in the past. This is an excellent time to focus on achieving material success and to use your savvy business skills to upgrade your business or career situation. Your romantic fantasies are moving toward a zenith in October when an exotic vacation or inspiring experience can fulfill your inner needs. Joining a group or organization in November can be beneficial as you can learn new skills and make new contacts. What is most near and dear to your heart could become a reality in December, when you can use your imagination and insight to make a change of direction. In January, lucky breaks can put you in a better position or bring you a helpful opportunity just in the nick of time. Make sound plans to help you create a better future while you are wiser than usual. 

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