Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Focus on finding a more fulfilling way to handle family finances. Avoid being susceptible when salespeople knock on the door. Organizing your budget could shine some light on areas where you could trim expenses.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If you don’t like taking no for an answer, you may be disappointed if you don’t get the answer you want. Wishful thinking may be costly or put you at risk if someone only tells you what you want to hear.

GEMINI: You may be allowing daydreams, social media or other distractions to interfere with your daily routines. You might not be at your best in social gatherings tonight. Stay home with a loved one where you can relax and be most at ease.

CANCER: Integrity might well be the cornerstone of your life. You may be challenged to make the best use of your money so it benefits many rather than a few. Don’t waste resources by betting what you don’t want to lose.

LEO: People appreciate your genuine kindheartedness, but don’t try too hard. Brighten someone’s life with a smile but avoid seeming like you’re love-bombing. Giving one sincere compliment is better than abundant false flattery.

VIRGO: Don’t fall for it. Be seriously skeptical and ignore any nagging voice that urges you to purchase something on a whim or take a chance on the unknown. Someone could show up at the wrong place or the wrong time.

LIBRA: You might be oblivious to obvious flaws and feel a desire to be an ostrich, live in a fantasy world and ignore the harsh realities of life. Enjoy binge-watching something fun but put signing contracts and agreements on hold.

SCORPIO: Avoid the temptation to indulge a whim or to pursue a passing fancy. There may be a misunderstanding with a partner or family member, and it may be up to you to square it up. Make no key decisions this weekend.

SAGITTARIUS: Some problems cannot be solved by throwing money at them. Focus on making your home a center of inspiring conversation. You and a loved one can dream together without spending a single penny.

CAPRICORN: Exercise restraint where purchases and additional expenditures are concerned. Your bank account can grow fatter if you concentrate on being thrifty. Scrutinize the fine print of agreements and contracts.

AQUARIUS: Keep your money in your pocket and hang at home. Today you could be too trusting and impulsively buy items or meet up with people that aren’t quite as advertised. Stick to an existing plan to create long-term security.

PISCES: Your sense of adventure and imagination can make this a fun-filled weekend. It’s fine to wander off without a fixed destination in mind, but at least let people know what you’re doing and where you end up.

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