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ARIES: Too many conflicting energies in one room can create some mighty friction. You might find that a loved one is not as tolerant and patient as usual. Steer clear of confrontations and disagreements today and tomorrow.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Expect some nice validation today, possibly about a good idea or a clever strategy. Tasks accomplished by working together can be more pleasurable, and you’ll make progress much more quickly.

GEMINI: It is tempting to point out uncomfortable facts. Your friends might give you the incentive to follow a strict formula for success. Keep abreast of the numbers and analyze your spending to update the budget.

CANCER: Find traction in complicated situations by steering clear of controversy. Loved ones and partners could become domineering or seem to work at cross purposes. Offer practical solutions and ideas that lead to compromise.

LEO: Remain calm, cool, and collected when other people are coming in hot. Belligerent people and hostile situations might not be a problem to handle if you have the facts and figures at your fingertips.

VIRGO: There may never be too much of a good thing. A close relationship can settle down into a comfortable groove if you accept a loved one’s clever plans. When you promise to do something, make sure you follow through Invariably.

LIBRA: Someone might be easily angered and have no sense of proportion. Use your best dexterity to traverse tricky territory. Put off intimate heart-to-heart discussions and avoid signing important contracts.

SCORPIO: Handle hostile situations by being helpful. You can turn someone’s frown to a smile with a friendly gesture or by sharing your knowledge. Keep away from the spotlight at the workplace and remain cooperative.

SAGITTARIUS: Look to your bank account and set something aside so you can be prepared just in case. Indulging in too many treats or pursuing your more expensive pleasures would not be good for you or your future.

CAPRICORN: You may have blinders on during times when you are too intent on getting your way. Be sure you are keeping your eyes open for red flags. If someone is blunt or argumentative, try being more conciliatory.

AQUARIUS: Put together a plan that will tackle obstacles and sweep away blockages. Check the facts to see if plans are realistic. You can accept support from friends and family without creating a feeling of too much dependence.

PISCES: You’ve got all your bases covered unless the game changes. You might be pressured into placing a bet on something that comes in last. Stick to long-term plans and do not become distracted by a passing passion.

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