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ARIES: Pay heed to suggestions from a reputable source that have the ring of truth. Avoid making major investments in the week ahead as they could be more trouble than they are worth. Focus on constructive activities.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may look for a way to cut or loosen the ties that bind in the week that comes. A brief spurt of popularity might tempt you to want more freedom in a committed relationship — sit with this for plenty of time before you act.

GEMINI: Where you lead, someone may follow. You can be smart and businesslike without risking your friendships in the upcoming week. You probably have it all together whether you are dealing with business meetings or social gatherings.

CANCER: When you are centered in your strength, you can respond rather than react to behavior and events. Focus on being understanding and guard against being triggered by other people's choices right now.

LEO: You may stand out in the crowd in the week ahead. Someone could find your honesty and sincerity refreshingly attractive. Win points by using polished manners and make a favorable impression on influential people.

VIRGO: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Minor irritations may be annoying in the week to come but loved ones can smooth out the rough edges. Consider that some risks are worth taking when considering the opportunity for big rewards.

LIBRA: When you do your best, you deserve a bonus or praise for a job well done so don't let imposter syndrome make you hesitant about accepting accolades. A social situation may require tact and diplomacy in the week ahead.

SCORPIO: It is not necessary to stir the pot to get your way. Smoothly execute your plans with sensitivity and remain determined but relaxed in the upcoming week. Projects put together in a rush may prove troublesome

SAGITTARIUS: Incorporate some new ideas into your old plans. You could get five minutes of fame from sharing an original idea in the week ahead. Keep your cool and take your time about making financial decisions.

CAPRICORN: Your most important asset is your reputation for following through on your promises. In the week to come, persist with creative changes that could make a success out of something you were ready to write off.

AQUARIUS: Stay in your lane and don’t let yourself get drawn into controversy. Avoid misunderstandings with a partner in the week to come and don’t get your feathers ruffled if things don’t go exactly as planned.

PISCES: You can be sure you are on the right path when things run smoothly. In the week ahead, you could be flattered by kudos or a special gift as a token of someone’s esteem. A partner might provide some powerful insights.

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