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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Bounce back and try a different approach. You may have a packed schedule but by mid-week your hard work should pay off. An upswing in your popularity may offer the encouragement and incentive to keep going strong.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: As much as you might want to delegate it all to someone else, it’s likely that the only way it will all get done is if you do it yourself. It may not be possible to rest on your laurels in the week ahead.

GEMINI: Turn toward the sun like a sunflower. In the upcoming week, there may be times when your thoughts dwell on unpleasant subjects and all the negatives, but you can grow and gain strength if you focus on the positives.

CANCER: You might find it difficult to reach your goals immediately. If you want to ditch old habits for better new ones, remember how long you’ve been doing the old habits and be realistic about time needed to really solidify a change.

LEO: Dealing with difficult personalities may give you the experience you need to achieve your ambitions. You may be more cautious than usual about spending in the week ahead but more focused on your job and making money.

VIRGO: Dancing the tango is more fun with two. There is no reason to make your way alone when an affectionate partner is willing to come along and lend a hand. Rely on helpful and optimistic companions in the upcoming week.

LIBRA: One person can’t do everything. Control the things that are essential but remain willing to delegate lesser matters that are not crucial. A partner or loved one may be happy to take care of details in the week ahead.

SCORPIO: Wish upon a star and use your personal right timing. Some of your dreams are within reach in the week ahead if you pay attention to opportunities to express your creativity. Loved ones could assist you in achieving an objective.

SAGITTARIUS: Family members should faithfully follow your lead. When other people make tough demands, loved ones can support you. Avoid being caught up in someone’s agenda that might not be what it appears in the coming week.

CAPRICORN: Call the shots when your drive for success is activated. You are mentally incisive and adept at communications. Apply self-discipline and organizational skills to reach your financial goals in the week ahead.

AQUARIUS: The darker the night, the more you appreciate the moon and stars. If your ambitions are sparked, then it is time to apply your skill sets and get to work. Build strength by handling your obligations in the week ahead.

PISCES: Make teamwork a priority as this week unfolds. Use your abilities to put a positive spin on every challenge to persuade others to cooperate in work-intensive activities. Place emphasis on uplifting those who are down.

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