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ARIES: Try not to be self-critical, including about your appearance. Focus on getting important things done. You could feel pressured to make a big purchase, but it is a poor time to burden yourself with credit card payments.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Someone may seem to indicate their agreement while secretly not agreeing. Your heart may be in the right place, but this is not a good time to make a promise. Avoid controversies and misunderstandings by delaying key decisions.

GEMINI: Adopting a cheerful attitude will work wonders to dispel hidden worries. Attend community events or local gatherings with friends this weekend. Handle awkward social situations with sensitivity and a sense of humor.

CANCER: Some bridges may actually be better burnt — you may realize that one of your goals is a dead-end street, and that it is time to move on. Do not dwell on past mistakes or spend money trying to hang on to a lost cause.

LEO: A desire for the very best can be a passion that some might view as overly picky. Steer clear of disputes and arguments with loved ones. Your attractiveness could be at a high point, but you might attract the wrong people.

VIRGO: Get together and enjoy a fun and physical activity to combine movement and companionship. Someone may bend over backward to please you. A partner or loved one might see the big picture even if you cannot yet.

LIBRA: You might be attracted to someone who finds you fascinating, too. Unfortunately, this is likely not your best weekend for a first date. There are plenty of free entertainments available if you are keeping an eye on the budget.

SCORPIO: Exercise self-control. You may be tempted to try something even if you realize it is not good for you. Tame any self-centered instincts and focus on being kind towards loved ones even if they are struggling now.

SAGITTARIUS: You may end up having to wait if a loved one doesn’t want to get on board quite yet. Hold off on having a heart-to-heart talk since someone might be cranky or unreceptive and misunderstandings are possible.

CAPRICORN: Indecision could come in handy this weekend because it is not a good time to make major purchases or crucial decisions. Remain on top of your bills, duties, and responsibilities, and don’t take on new obligations.

AQUARIUS: Keep your mind open. Don’t shame anyone. Instead, guide them in how to unpack a situation and learn the needed lesson when mistakes are made. Someone’s support might come with strings attached.

PISCES: If appropriate, a humorous approach can lighten the mood if things seem too heavy. Embrace creative ideas and incorporate them into your surroundings. Use your high energies to create organization and beauty.

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