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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Commitment to a cause can require constant vigilance. An obsession with a project or your work may make you less receptive now. You can stick with a task until it is completed with dogged persistence.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Remain a neutral party. Stress might be building up, so you don’t want to be tearing anyone down. Stay in your lane and out of other people’s business and be discreet. A partner may need more leeway and privacy.

GEMINI: Maintain a holding pattern. It is rarely a good idea to make changes when things are working out correctly. Your business instincts may be unerring, so you can be a force to be reckoned with in competitive business situations.

CANCER: Your expertise is on display, and you can impress others with your experience and intelligence. Despite this, if you don’t know a particular factoid, it’s fine to say that you’ll need to do more research and return with the answer.

LEO: Someone may seem to be on a power trip, and you might be resentful if you are pressured to work harder, or if someone is too demanding. It might be a mistake to believe that you have been given free rein to control the outcome.

VIRGO: People may respect your practical ideas even if they do not understand some of your interests and ideas. There is a difference between attainable goals and wishful thinking. Loved ones can offer optimistic insights and support.

LIBRA: Someone may seem bossy or overbearing. Don’t succumb to a temptation to retaliate if you are experiencing something that feels like bullying. Overcome your adversaries by tempering any anger with empathy and patience.

SCORPIO: Hold on if things feel unstable or uncertain. Someone’s drive and ambition to succeed might cause tensions and create complications. This may not be a good time to make any irrevocable changes or decisions.

SAGITTARIUS: A dose of humility can help people stay real and compassionate. You are allowed to say “no” to pressure to spend money or handle a financial situation. There is usually an easier way that requires extra time and patience.

CAPRICORN: Handle contingencies with care. You might appear aggressive or inflexible if you are focused solely on achieving your ambitions. You can work harder and smarter by remaining flexible and soft spoken.

AQUARIUS: Be discreet and remember the golden rule. This may not be the time to take sides or insist on strict boundaries when dealing with a group of people. Work efficiently and display that you’ll be fair and evenhanded with everyone.

PISCES: You could take sympathy and thoughtfulness too far. Don’t shrink into the shadows so that someone else feels better and brighter. Sidestep efforts to pressure you into new investments or lengthy payment plans.

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