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ARIES: Put on something fun or festive when you go out. You might be the center of attention so you should look your best. Stay centered in your confidence so you can respond to constructive criticism by learning the lesson. اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: All you really need to be happy is within you once you learn to find it. Accept a well-meant gift with good grace. Take a moment to gather your thoughts before responding in the week to come and use the diplomatic approach.

GEMINI: Your practical side might be on display in the week ahead. Impulsivity could lead to a poor decision, give thought to the long-term sustainability of something you are considering before you make your move.

CANCER: Apply your imagination and you will be able to come up with fun and creative ideas for the Easter holiday or something else. Find ways to inspire others. In the upcoming week, a key relationship should improve.

LEO: Your job or business might prevent you from enjoying the sights and scents of springtime. Skepticism can come in handy in the next few days — later in the week you may enjoy relief from an intense situation.

VIRGO: Simple things make the day special, and you may enjoy having time that is isn’t filled with tasks. If your inclination is toward the exotic, indulge yourself while you can. Later in the week you may be less easygoing.

LIBRA: A holiday social event could give you a reason to dress up in springtime colors and spend time with loved ones. Some unexpected help could make you feel supported and cared for and set the tone for a great week.

SCORPIO: Neighborhood and community events could offer a perfect excuse to spend festive time with your friends and family. Interesting people and conversations could be just what you need in the week ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: This may be a week when you enjoy getting closer to the earth. Sit in the sun for some vitamin D, commune with nature and enjoy the beauties of spring flowers. Find balance and harmony with a loved one.

CAPRICORN: Enjoy Easter festivities or cook up some other fun for your tribe. Your home and family could dominate your thoughts, although later in the week, you will be more concerned with working conditions.

AQUARIUS: Take a pass on the fake stuff in favor of the real. Real things may require a real investment, but you get a real payoff. You’ll get further this week by being yourself than by using complicated schemes to win favor.

PISCES: The first signs of spring can make your heart lift with joy. Making drastic changes to improve your finances in the week ahead could be a mistake. You have likely done well enough to rest on your laurels.

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