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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Divided loyalties can be difficult to resolve. You may feel you owe your primary allegiance to your family or friends but may also feel uncomfortable if you are not going along with the crowd. Find your inner truth.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: A dream is only a starting point. Wean yourself away from unrealistic goals and learn how you can achieve something worthwhile. Someone may challenge you to develop a sustainable plan of action for the future.

GEMINI: To make the best use of your business ideas, reach out to social contacts. You are likely adept at creating focused and decisive strategies. Even if you feel there is no doubt, it’s a lot safer to get it in writing.

CANCER: It is tempting to spend too much time with online social media or to worry about what other people think. Listen to the buzz but then remember to stay in your own center. Become passionate about a new subject.

LEO: The obvious answer is probably the right one. It will be advantageous to accept situations at face value. A loved one or partner can set a good example of industry that spurs you to focus on moneymaking activities.

VIRGO: You may be bombarded by a pile of ambitious ideas, but only one at a time can hold your attention. Once you have a project to concentrate upon, you should see it through to completion. Don’t waste your money on trivia.

LIBRA: Trust and loyalty is like a boomerang that once thrown, comes back to you. You may be enamored of someone or something unworthy of your attention. Seriously look at your fantasies to evaluate them more realistically.

SCORPIO: You might suffer from a blind spot. Viewing the world from an unrealistic perspective won’t put money in the bank. Rather than acting on every whim, carefully consider which ones can achieve concrete results.

SAGITTARIUS: You might find a kindred spirit within a network of your peers. Look for common ground with someone who has a solid grasp of tactics that make the most sense. You may find that knowledge really is power.

CAPRICORN: You may be tempted to go along with widely held opinions just to remain popular. Mingling with like-minded people who share your beliefs or who promote popular causes can be invigorating as well as enjoyable.

AQUARIUS: Give your competitive nature free rein. Take charge by inviting others along on errands and involve other people in your business activities. You’ll fare far better by working side by side with congenial teammates.

PISCES: You can provide a valuable service even though you may not receive any credit. You may anticipate the needs of others or jump in and lend a hand when it is needed. Family members can provide practical guidance.

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