Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Someone may show you how to enjoy the things you have always wanted to experience. Spend the weekend appreciating the company of loved ones and friends. Put business negotiations and decisions to the side.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Sometimes you are either in fully, or you are out. Once you begin playing a game, you may find it almost impossible to stop. Your partner or loved ones may burn the candle at both ends and expect you to participate as well.

GEMINI: You may realize that you have been spinning your wheels. Once you quit trying to fight the system and listen to your deepest truths, everything should fall into place. Focus on family outings and entertainment this weekend.

CANCER: Take a vacation from your desk or office and shelve work-related problems. This might be a good weekend to spend quality time with a fun-loving and affectionate partner. Put love and romance on the top of your calendar.

LEO: Note your inspirational ideas for future reference. You may be too engrossed in achieving job or financial success when you could be living out one of your fantasies. Make a worthwhile and profitable investment.

VIRGO: Casual promises and assurances may not be fulfilled. Throw yourself — heart and soul — into anything that you do this weekend. Display your most helpful qualities and passion for truth to overcome disputes and misunderstandings.

LIBRA: Phone calls and other distractions could undermine your concentration. Get away from nerve wracking business discussions and spend time with your family. Your home could be the center of joyful social activities.

SCORPIO: By discussing all the options in a thoughtful way, you might bypass obstacles and overcome minor squabbles. This is not a good time to make major expenditures, but it could be a wonderful weekend for short trips.

SAGITTARIUS: Ambitious people can occasionally get some pushback. Extroversion may be perceived as aggressiveness. Although your intentions are benign, someone may think you are trying to be tricky. Stop family spats before they arise.

CAPRICORN: Indulge in some pleasures, but don’t break open your wallet to embark on a new financial or business strategy. However, do spend freely if it helps you enjoy a romantic outing with a loved one or friends.

AQUARIUS: You may feel like there’s money to burn, but still be cautious and do your homework. Something that seems like a sensible investment could become a money pit. Discuss possibilities but do not act.

PISCES: Work on healing your triggers so that you can stop reacting to people who push your buttons. Be honest with yourself about the difference between making a sacrifice and avoiding doing something you don’t want to do.

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