Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: When a job goes well it’s rewarding, but if things go sideways, it could become nerve-wracking. You may not be aware of unpleasant undercurrents or someone’s hidden agenda. Stay far away from disputes and misunderstandings.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may trade in an outmoded belief for a new insight. Someone might offer you an opportunity to explore new objectives or experiment with new ideas. Put risky financial plans on the back burner and enjoy yourself.

GEMINI: Conventional wisdom might not apply. Find innovative and creative solutions that will allow you to deftly handle a tricky situation without offending anyone. Do not launch a new project or put crucial plans into motion.

CANCER: A close relationship could become more romantic or progress faster than expected. A friend may suddenly seem much more attractive but its best to avoid initiating new emotional attachments under these stars.

LEO: Today might mark the start of a new phase in your daily routines. You might make a vow to be more attentive to your partner or a loved one. Listen closely to someone’s needs and fantasies and see if you can fulfill them.

VIRGO: If you see someone who appears to take advantage of a situation, or get by at the other’s expense, find out it that is really the case before you judge. Though it’s easier to appreciate those who pull their own weight, build empathy for those who can’t.

LIBRA: It takes two to make or break any relationship. Steer away from disputes and competitions because they could become the basis for misunderstandings. Make an effort to be less dependent on someone else’s opinion.

SCORPIO: Your deeds and actions can make money, while wishful thinking might not. You can act too quickly when it comes to spending cash, which may create a problem. Hold off on making major purchases or changing your investments.

SAGITTARIUS: You could experience friction if you act too quickly. This is probably not a good time to throw down the gauntlet or challenge someone’s authority — there may be unseen elements in the situation that could throw you.

CAPRICORN: You may feel driven to find or pursue a worthy quest. Other people may be sidetracked or make a simple job too complicated, but you are likely to remain focused on your mission to the exclusion of much else.

AQUARIUS: You may realize that you are in a high-pressure situation that is at least partially caused by other people. However, as always, your only power is to look at and work with your piece of what is going on.

PISCES: Perspective is everything. You may ask for someone to grant favors but there may be strings attached, or they may not fully follow through on their promises. Misunderstandings can usually be avoided with a discussion.

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