Amman’s top 5 best-bang-for-your-buck restaurants

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With around 4 million people and a plethora of different cultures, it’s not hard finding a cheap, (but delicious) bite to eat in Amman. (Photo: Unsplash)

AMMAN — With a population of nearly 4 million people, Amman is full of restaurants to explore. Amidst the staggering number of restaurants is a handful of places that offer great food at great prices. With cuisines ranging from local/regional to Indian, Chinese, American, as well as Mexican. Here is a list of Amman’s 5 best bang-for-your-buck spots.اضافة اعلان

Biryani Pakistani & Indian
Located in the iconic Shabsogh Parking complex in downtown, this little restaurant has been serving authentic Pakistani/Indian food for its local community and beyond for a few years now. Expect an amazing variety of rice dishes, rich stews, freshly baked bread, and succulent chargrilled chicken, all at an amazingly affordable price.

Islamic-Chinese Restaurant
Officially Amman’s first hand-pulled noodle specialist, this gem is located in the food court at Majdi Mall, near Jordan University. While the size of their menu can be confusing or off putting, the simple dishes are always the easiest to order. Their portions are generous and their prices are just right, thus making it a favorite for a lot of international and local students attending Jordan University and its neighboring colleges.

Baab Al-Yaman Al-Sa’id
Easily one of Amman’s greatest dining institutions. They specialize in authentic Yemeni dishes, ranging from rice-based dishes like Mandi or Madghout, to rich and aromatic stews and sizzlers served fresh off the stove. Their freshly baked bread alone is worth the trip. Best enjoyed with a group of friends, the original location is opposite the northern gate at Jordan University, while the other is on Abdallah Ghosheh Street.

Al-Arabi has been serving some of the greatest hummus, foul, and falafel in Jabal Amman for a long time. The restaurant is located on Omar Bin Al-Khattab Street just 200 meters past the iconic Books@Cafe. You can also find classic breakfast dishes such as mfarrakeh, gallayet bandora, and ojjeh (arabic omelette), all at very affordable prices.

Sallouret Ash-Shahba’
Another hidden gem in the Shabsogh parking complex in downtown Amman, located on the opposite side of Biryani. This humble shop serves some of the best sweets the city has to offer. From traditionally Syrian sweets such as the iconic halawet al-jubun to Turkish cake, this little shop will satisfy your sweet tooth and have you coming back for more.