3 interior design trends to enhance your summer space

To achieve a harmonious atmosphere of relaxation and summer warmth, interior enthusiasts can tailor their space with outdoor-indoor pieces, and a recognizably summery color scheme. (Photo: Unsplash)
Summer is a time of brightness and color, a period in which we socialize more, but also need the space to cool off and relax. As such, people are often waiting for summer to beautify their space by injecting some color, texture, and light into their interior. اضافة اعلان

To achieve a harmonious atmosphere of relaxation and summer warmth, interior enthusiasts can tailor their space with outdoor-indoor pieces, and a recognizably summery color scheme. Some of the top interior design trends of this year may help us achieve that. Wicker and rattan have made a reappearance, as have more modern design interpretations, such as geometric features and luxe lighting.

Here are some of the key interior design trends of 2022 that may complement your interior space this summer.

1. Wickerwork pieces
Many might recognize wickerwork furniture from the stereotypical image of street side Parisian cafés, but rattan furniture has a much richer and wider history. It is, in fact, one of the oldest furniture-making materials in human history, with archaeologists having uncovered evidence of woven rattan objects dating back to the Neolithic period.

Anyone considering investing in some new furniture this summer should seek out a rattan piece; they can be used to give a natural texture to your home space or to create relaxed outdoor settings.

Rattan chairs are a particular favorite, offering a luxe-70s look to any home. As a sturdy yet intricate design, they can be dressed up with soft fabrics to offer an inviting social space for guests, whether on a balcony or in communal space.

2. Geometric features
Geometric patterns and designs have long been popular, classically finding space in bathroom tiles or statement wallpaper. However, over the past year, the taste for geometric patterns has taken on an oversized form, with large hand-painted wall arches becoming a mainstay in many millennial homes.

Creating your own wall arch is a fairly simple and cost-effective endeavor; again, it is a trend that can be applied to both an indoor and an outdoor space.

To carry out the project, all you need is a levelling stick, some masking tape, a pencil, some string and a paint color of your choice.  Start off by deciding how high you want your arch to be and lay the tape vertically (and leveled) up to the height of the base of the curve. Attach the string to your pencil, pinning the other end of the string to the wall at midpoint between the tops of your vertical tape. Use the attached pencil to trace a circular arch head corresponding with the tape, and you will have formed an arch. All that is left to do is fill the outline with paint, using a color that complements your space, adding brightness and warmth.

Wall arches can make a particularly fun addition to roof spaces or verandas, with earthy tones of red and burnt orange being particularly popular. Much in the vein of rattan, they can be used to give a 70s look when paired with wall-mounted plants and bamboo shelving.

Part of the appeal of a hand-painted feature wall is that it is a non-permanent body of color that can be altered or erased as your taste changes.

Arches also provide a fun architectural feature, mimicking classic geometric architectural designs in a contemporary and novel way.

3. Luxe lighting
A key element of every home is its lighting, especially in the summer months, when we like to socialize with friends and maximize our at-home social spaces. It is essential to create an inviting and relaxed area with the help of natural and artificial light sources.

Whether you opt to go for the softer natural light of candles or the long-lasting options provided by lamps and string lights, the incorporation and placement of lights is key to achieving one’s desired atmosphere.

I like to draw inspiration from Dali’s outdoor area in Jabal Luweibdeh, where fairy-light wrapped trees brighten up the evening whilst softening the space.

If you want to incorporate an eco-friendly element to your light design, seek out the solar powered options available at Ikea. As Jordan has an abundance of summer sun, it is well worth capitalizing on the hot days to help create evenings to be enjoyed with friends.ag

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