Pink supermoon rises tonight

pink moon
(Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN — Jordanians stepping outside tonight for a glimpse at the night sky may notice that the moon is just a bit bigger and brighter than usual.
اضافة اعلان
April’s full moon, rising on April 26th, is both a “pink” moon and a super moon. Supermoons occur when the rotations of the planets bring the moon slightly closer to the Earth, making it appear bigger and brighter to the human eye, according to CNN. Typically, three to four supermoons take place in any given year. The moon will appear full for around three days.

Tonight’s moon is the first supermoon of 2021, according to NASA. The next supermoon will occur on May 26th, and will in fact come even closer to the Earth than April’s pink moon.

Despite its name, the pink moon is not actually pink to the eye. Traditionally, the April full moon coincides with the blossoming of pink flowers native to eastern North America - giving this moon its unique name, according to the Maine Farmer's Almanac. Every April full moon is a pink moon, but not always a supermoon.

The supermoon comes at the intersection of a variety of religious holidays. As the last full moon before Easter, Christians call this moon the “Paschal Moon.”  Hindus celebrate Hanuman Jayanti, the celebration of the birth of Lord Hanuman, on around this date and Buddhists, especially in Sri Lanka, celebrate Bak Poya on this date, commemorating when the Buddha visited Sri Lanka and settled a dispute between chiefs, according to NASA.

On social media, some netizens expressed disappointment that the supermoon was not actually pink. Others have already posted pictures of the large bright moon.

One popular astrology account on Twitter posted a message stating that, “This Pink Full Moon on Monday, April 26th will be a great time to let go and let love flow. It’ll be a good time to heal from past pains so you can move forward in the future.”

NASA also predicts that the annual Eta-Aquariid meteor shower will be active from April 19 through May 28. This shower is the aftermath of Earth passing through dust released by Halley's Comet.

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