Ayman Amayreh and the ‘art of creation and sensibility’

(Photos: Handouts from Ayman Amayreh)
(Photos: Handouts from Ayman Amayreh)
Growing up, Ayman Amayreh had a passion for art and was talented in drawing. When he graduated from high school, he moved to Iraq to study mathematics with the intention to switch to a more art oriented major.اضافة اعلان

(Photos: Handouts from Ayman Amayreh)

He found out when he began his academic career that he had to be at the top of his class to be able to change majors.

Amayreh took this as a challenge and studied tirelessly. Ultimately, he achieved his goal and decided to pursue his dreams and study architecture.

He spent his academic years dwelling on the philosophy of architecture and trying to reach a better understanding of everything around him. He became known among his colleagues for his boldness and hard work, ranking third in his class despite worsening conditions in Iraq at the time.

“Sometimes bad circumstances force people to challenge themselves and shine,” said Amayreh in a recent interview with Jordan News.

After graduating in 2000, Amayreh worked with SIGMA consulting engineers and honed his skills. He later worked with Consolidated Consultants Group and was their youngest project manager.

After that, he worked with Maisam architects and engineers, where he tapped into Norman Foster’s Queen Alia International Airport project.

In 2008, Amayreh established Gravity Architects in Amman, Jordan. Gravity Architects ran various projects in Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, ranging from residential and commercial projects to urban design, landscape, and interior design projects.

(Photos: Handouts from Ayman Amayreh)

In 2019, Gravity Architects worked on a 36000sq.m. social club in a compound in Iraq, followed by a challenging 36000sq.m. boulevard project in Iraq as well.

In November 2020, Gravity Architects won the Property Awards and achieved five stars for best architecture, single residence, Jarrar Villa or “The Classical Pathway.”

Amayreh considers himself to be selective in his projects and does not deliver work that goes against his guidelines and principles.  He believes that logic and decisions are the main assets for creating architecture.

His passion for philosophy and criticism is pushing him to write and theorize about “Postevent Architecture”, a concept where architecture is the result of a certain place, a certain time, and a certain event.

To him, the greatest reward is people’s reactions.

(Photos: Handouts from Ayman Amayreh)

“What makes a special architect is working from the heart, it is the magical ingredient,” said Amayreh.

In addition to his passion for architecture, Amayreh finds inspiration in music and poetry and pleasure in travelling and reading history.

Amayreh hopes to leave behind him elegant works that gain respect and admiration and leave a message that positively affects people’s lives.

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