Maximize your glow with optimal summertime skincare

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Moisture is key to keeping your skin plump and healthy and SPF is needed to protect your face from the aging and damaging effects of the sun. (Photos: Unsplash)
The summer season is now in full swing, and it is essential to get your skincare routine to maximize that summertime glow. While there is no better look than a healthy, sun-kissed complexion, preventing long-lasting sun damage to your skin with a ‘sun-tight’ routine is important.اضافة اعلان

As I have previously mentioned, no-makeup makeup is the look du-jour almost every summer. With long balmy evenings spent socializing outside, no one wants to be spending an hour on a full face of makeup that will invariably sweat off while enjoying your first drink of the evening. Instead, we all want to nail that effortless glow that leaves our friends wondering what kind of skincare sorcery has been used to look quite so radiant.

The first step of a summer skincare routine is nailing the basics of hydration and protection. Moisture is key to keeping your skin plump and healthy, and SPF is needed to protect your face from the aging and damaging effects of the sun.

If you are already into skincare, you will undoubtedly have a favorite moisturizer — if you feel this works for you year-round, stick with it throughout the summer months. However, if you prefer something a little lighter and fresher during the hotter period, I recommend switching to a gel-based moisturizer.

Gel moisturizers are water-based and easily absorb into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. They are generally effective for all skin types and can easily be inserted into your skincare routine, perfect for use after serums and eye creams.

There are several excellent gel-based moisturizers on the market; a longstanding favorite for many is the Clinique Moisture Surge range, which consists of beautifully light and hydrating gel products. At a slightly lower price point, you can find great offerings from pharmacy brands; my current favorite is the La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermallergo Night Cream. While billed as a night cream, the lightweight formula is perfect for both day and night, as it layers exceptionally well with serums and sunscreen.

If you want to amp up your hydration levels, then serums and eye creams are an additional step that can do no harm. It is best to start using a hyaluronic acid serum which can be bought for affordable prices from global brands such as The Ordinary (found in Estrogen Pharmacy in Amman).

Hyaluronic acid is a key component of hydrated skin as it’s a humectant, a substance that binds to and retains water; it is also a naturally occurring substance in the body that keeps your skin and joints supple.

Hyaluronic acid is a hydration booster, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promoting a glow. It is essential to use a facial mist when applying hyaluronic acid because if it is applied to dry skin, it can cause further dehydration.

It is recommended to “sandwich” your serum between two fine layers of mist.

Vitamin C is another excellent skincare ingredient for the summer months, and it has been proven to boost antioxidant protection of the skin and help reverse visible signs of sun damage. Vitamin C also increases the brightness of your complexion and helps to fade any hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

If sun damage is your biggest concern, it is always better to provide protection rather than a cure. The UVA and UVB rays produced by the sun can affect your skin differently; UVB rays typically cause sunburn, while UVA penetrates deeper into the skin, causing eventual wrinkles.

When picking out your facial SPF, look for UVA and UVB protection and try to go for factor 50 SPF or higher — pharmacies provide the best range of sunscreens, offering selections from both mainstream and specialist brands.

Aside from daily protection, face masks can also be a miracle summer solution; they provide great skincare benefits and give a mini at-home spa experience. If your primary concern is still hydration (and relaxation), then moisturizing sheet masks may be the way to go.

The Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks are widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies across Amman and are my personal favorite. For extra pampering, put the sheet masks in the fridge a few hours before I intend to use them — that usually helps with de-puffing and feeling refreshed.

Cleansing and exfoliating masks are also important summer steps. With a rise in temperatures and humidity, pores tend to open up and become more susceptible to visible dirt and oil.

If you find yourself falling foul of visibly clogged pores, look for a good AHA or BHA mask that will gradually clear any visible impurities and dead skin cells. A cult favorite is the Ordinary’s AHA 30 percent + BHA 2 percent peeling solution, an infamously powerful red face mask that provides instant exfoliating effects.

If you opt to invest in an exfoliating mask, SPF becomes more crucial than ever as your skin will be even more vulnerable to the sun’s rays.

If you want a more in-depth and personalized profile of your skin’s needs, it would always be advisable to consult a dermatologist. However, with the excellent variety of products in beauty and pharmacy stores throughout Amman, it is very easy to get going with your first basic routine.

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