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ARIES: Make things go your way. Take charge of the atmosphere that surrounds your social or business activities by expressing warmth and enthusiasm. A partner may work behind the scenes to enrich your shared assets.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your own unique perspectives might cast you in a good light in any type of group setting. This can be a suitable time to form strategic alliances with people who agree with your opinions or share your set of business standards.

GEMINI: You may have mixed emotions about a get-rich scheme or financial plan so wait until you are more confident of the terms to make a firm commitment. You should have a partner’s wholehearted and unconditional support.

CANCER: Speak up and let someone know what you want. You can be polite but remain clear about your own needs. Give loved ones plenty of space to operate at their own pace but allow yourself an equal amount of space.

LEO: Be a tower of strength that others can look up to. You can be practical and down to earth on the surface while remaining gentle and compassionate inside. Be firm about your ideals and stand up for your beliefs.

VIRGO: Your thoughtfulness can give you an advantage whenever you participate in delicate negotiations. Ask questions and listen to the answers; other people could be flattered that you care enough to learn about their ideas.

LIBRA: Harness your inspirations and take them for a ride. Explore creative business concepts and techniques. Take a rain check on shopping right now and focus your attention on turning ideas into profits.

SCORPIO: Variety is the spice of life, so prepare to be spicier than usual. You might engage in variety of friendly human interactions when you are placed in a group or business setting and could also enjoy even routine transactions.

SAGITTARIUS: Providing a necessary service may be satisfying or make you feel worthy of being included in a group. Collaboration and teamwork can be profitable on many levels, so it might not be necessary to do everything yourself.

CAPRICORN: Onward and upward might be your motto. Your resourcefulness and creativity could be enhanced. You will not let any possible obstacles stand in the way when you are focused on making inner visions of success come true.

AQUARIUS: Adding your two cents and adopting a practical approach can give you the edge at any meeting or gathering. This can be a good time to make a fresh start with a family member by holding a down-to-earth discussion.

PISCES: A cheerful outlook can uplift the spirits of your coworkers or family members. You might get the most traction by being sympathetic and compassionate. Remain alert for occasions that require active social graces.

IF MAY 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: In the coming three to four weeks, you may prioritize friendships and enjoy a wider array of social contacts. You may be inspired to dream of bigger and better things in June, when a romantic vacation could give you a chance to live out some of your fantasies. Embrace whoever or whatever is offered in the first half of July, when your optimism may be rewarded with an opportunity to latch on to exactly what you need. Through hard work you can receive the recognition you deserve for your foresight or executive ability in August. Early September can be tricky because although your business sense is enhanced, you might be fooled by surface appearances or be too busy and miss the fine print.

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