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ARIES: Circulate and widen your social network so you can gain influence and broaden your scope. Your opinions can be influenced by others, too. New acquaintances might challenge you to rethink your ambitions or adjust your aims.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You might be the star of every social exchange because you show an interest in what other people think. When you are restless and crave excitement, any shiny new object or interesting subject could grab your interest.

GEMINI: Strategic planning might put you in the driver’s seat with a creative project or upcoming social event. Be someone’s best friend by listening to their hopes and dreams and encouraging them to take precise steps forward.

CANCER: If it looks like your love life or friendships could be slowing down or people are too busy for you, think again. You may feel out of the loop for a moment, but when friends share exciting experiences, you may realize it was just in your head.

LEO: There are no strangers when you are around. Your sincere friendliness is an immediate icebreaker whenever unfamiliar faces come into view. Prove just how resourceful you are by dealing with a problem that has everyone else stumped.

VIRGO: Calculating your chances for success in a business setting or financial situation could be your strong point. When embarrassed by a blank spot in your personal book of knowledge, hunt up the facts and add another page.

LIBRA: All good things come to those who wait. There is no expiration date on romance, so you have the time to talk about your moneymaking tactics and strategies. Be willing to mingle and meet new people who share your favorite activities.

SCORPIO: You might be forced out of your comfort zone when a serious situation is turned on its end by someone with an unconventional approach. Someone may successfully change the script; consider a need to adjust your expectations.

SAGITTARIUS: Open the door, breathe in some fresh air, and welcome change. Partners, loved ones or friends may urge you to try something new. You might be surprised to learn that you have an aptitude for acting independently.

CAPRICORN: When you dream big, your first reaction might be to err on the side of caution. Realist that you are, you might not trust that creative thoughts can become concrete. Find something worthy of your efforts by tracking through various ideas.

AQUARIUS: Consider everything, but choose a positive attitude. You may have a problem arise that frustrates you;  now is the time to gather your strength and solve it. Self-discipline and proactivity can help you achieve the most satisfaction from your efforts.

PISCES: Try not to get drawn into gossip that can distract from more important responsibilities. Trust issues could concern you today but be irrelevant by tomorrow. Be conscientious about your duties to yield the best results.

IF MARCH 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Throughout the next four to five weeks, your material goals can be reached with the least effort by applying smart, strategic planning, but you may also want to address your spiritual or bucket-list dreams by embarking on a well-deserved holiday. In June, you can begin to get into physical shape or successfully compete against others. Avoid temptations in July when you might be too blind to people’s faults and easily fooled. Your imagination is enhanced in August plus you have the enthusiasm to make a romantic dream a reality. Make loyalty a top priority in September when you may meet someone who helps you rise on the ladder of success. In the first half of October, your judgment is better than usual so that is a wonderful time to put long range plans into motion or to make crucial decisions. 

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