Socks Kitchen: Trendy socks with a traditional twist

Socks from Socks Kitchen. (Photos: Handout from Socks Kitchen)
AMMAN — Hind Najjar was always a fan of colorful and expressive socks. However, she noticed that despite being trendy, their presence was scarce in Jordan. Even when they were present, Najjar felt like they lacked the cultural element, so she started her own online business, “Socks Kitchen,” in 2018.اضافة اعلان

The business incorporated trendiness, style, and tradition into various designs.

What distinguishes Najjar’s designs from others in the market is her incorporation of Arabic language and culture into her designs. “The first idea I came up with is the ‘Malokhiya’ socks because it reflects the culture in Jordan and the region, and the color combination is nice and funky,” said Najjar in an interview with Jordan News. 

Socks from Socks Kitchen. (Photos: Handout from Socks Kitchen)

Socks Kitchen aims to provide customers a youthful feel to allow their clients to achieve their desired look by offering designs with a touch of local tradition and merging them with ongoing trends.  

Najjar is responsible for designing the socks from scratch. She is the one that comes up with the ideas and markets the products. “From scratch, I do everything; similarly, to cooking. I cook the whole process, which is why the store is called Socks Kitchen,” she said.  

Socks Kitchen activities are not limited to its online store; you can also find their products in several shops in Amman, including Ali Rama Gallery, Garage, and Watan. In addition, they are available in Irbid and do have an international presence in Chicago through Watan.

Socks from Socks Kitchen. (Photos: Handout from Socks Kitchen)

However, even with her products available in various stores, Najjar aims to send her designs to more places worldwide and reach more people. 
“I receive many orders from outside Jordan, but I face difficulties in the shipping because it is expensive that why I want to make my products available in stores worldwide and to have my own store,” she said.   

When designing, Najjar aims for her designs to reflect something that is not available in other brands. “Trendy and colorful socks are available everywhere now, and the ideas are becoming repetitive and not as special as they used to be. Consequently, I aim that my designs have a unique identity and reflect things that we love and know as well as our culture,” she said. 

Socks from Socks Kitchen. (Photos: Handout from Socks Kitchen)

Socks kitchen has a camel sock design to share the animal as a symbol of the region, and they also have a pizza sock design that says “Pizza will fix what life ruined” on it in Arabic. 

Now and then, the business will produce collections; for example, during the Christmas season, Najjar designs new festive pieces and brings back previous designs. A famous marker of the brand is their Christmas “Santak Looz” socks, which is an English to Arabic pun that translates to “your year is great.” 

Najjar ensures to follow recent trends when designing new socks, but she also searches for new Arabic sayings and jokes that she did not include in her previous design. She also added that while she enjoys the whole process of designing socks, seeing the final product is what she loves the most. “The best thing is when I see the beauty of the design after I finish it.” 

Socks from Socks Kitchen. (Photos: Handout from Socks Kitchen)

Socks Kitchen’s slogan is “add flavor to your outfit,” which is also a play on words with their name. The goal of the business and the slogan is to inspire people to add the socks if they feel like their outfit is plain 
According to Najjar, the Jordanian market’s reaction towards Socks Kitchen was positive, but having knowledge in and understanding the market is essential to success, which is why Najjar faced some challenges when she started establishing her online store. “I faced difficulties finding a factory to work with and finding a suitable type of cotton that I want to use. It was hard, but I did not let that stand in my way” she said. 

During COVID-19, Socks Kitchen was impacted similarly to many other businesses in Jordan. Najjar said that people during the lockdown had to think about more important things than fashion and wearing socks. 

“COVID-19 had a negative impact on Socks Kitchen as I depend on the stores I display my designs at, and not only on my online store,” she said.  

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