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July 4 2022 2:27 PM ˚
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Local artisan retains sentimentality by reviving antique furniture

(Photo: Handout from Noor Shahbander)
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AMMAN — Old furniture can become dull and lifeless. Frequently, people opt to change the furniture instead of renewing it. However, the self-taught local artisan, Noor Shahbander, gives old furniture a fresh start.اضافة اعلان

(Photo: Handout from Noor Shahbander)

“During the quarantine, I became depressed, but creativity rekindled the spark in me again,” said Shahbander in an interview with Jordan News.

Instead of tossing out an old piece, Shahbander seeks to give it a new life with a creative makeover. A bit of paint may convert tired antiques into new and modern pieces. Using her skills, Shahbander seeks to ensure that the details she works on bring personality back into pieces to allow owners to find joy and use for the piece again.

(Photo: Handout from Noor Shahbander)

“I have long been passionate about art but did not have the opportunity to study it, so I chose to renew old pieces as a way to express my love for art,” Shahbander said.

The artisan seeks to not only revive furniture but also create a piece of art using the furniture. With a fast and innovative makeover, she tries to bring new life to old pieces. Her works include old dressers, tables, chairs, and any vintage piece.

(Photo: Handout from Noor Shahbander)

She also added that she seeks to create art using the pieces because many people do not have spaces for artworks on their walls or in their homes, so merging art and furniture can bring any area some creative decorations.

“The new generation artisans are now working on customizing art on furniture, as it is not only a piece of furniture but also something that people love,” she said.

(Photo: Handout from Noor Shahbander)

Shahbander mentioned that most people can’t part from their old favorite furniture pieces because they love the pieces, but that utilizing them as they currently stand is also not an option, which is why she attempts to restore the piece before adding a creative touch to it.

When working to revive the furniture artistically, Shahbander uses rice paper because of its versatility, making it suitable for drawing, calligraphy, and block printing. As for wood, the artisan uses environmentally friendly material.

“I bought rice paper sheets from an Australian artisan, and she shared my artworks with her audience,” she said. “I only use environmentally friendly materials that have no chemicals.”

The artisan also makes decoupage, which is the art of using paper cutouts to decorate pieces. She also shared that each piece takes two to three weeks to complete, depending on the condition of the furniture and whether or not it requires repair.

By renovating the pieces, Shahbander hopes for them to evolve with the style of the house, making them hold both physical appeal and sentimental meaning.

“This is a nice sentiment to maintain unique pieces from generation to generation,” she concluded.

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