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Jordanian chosen for prestigious position at University of British Colombia

3. Photo Ammon
(Photo: Ammon)
AMMAN — From the University of British Colombia (UBC), Professor Mark Martinez sent to the Jordanian Engineer Sarah Touqan on Tuesday, November 19, 2021, to inform her that the university had selected her as the first successful candidate to be a research assistant and engineering technician at the Chemical and Biological Engineering Building.اضافة اعلان

According to Ammon News, in addition to the technician and assistant position, Touqan will also be teaching at the university as part of her enrollment in the master’s and PhD engineering program for the year 2022. 

Touqan graduated from the University of Toronto in Canada with honors in mechanical and environmental engineering in 2021 and received many academic awards, including various scholarships from the University of Toronto and other institutions.

Touqan also declined job offers from one of the largest engineering companies in the US and instead went with UBC, where she will be enrolled starting January 2022. 

Touqan is an honorable role model for Arab and Jordanian students in Canada. She previously went to the American Schools in Amman and Al-Mawakeb Schools in Dubai.

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