International Coffee Day a blend of history finds its way in Jordan

(Photo: Waed Almahamed)
AMMAN — October 1 marked International Coffee Day, and people worldwide expressed their love for coffee. Jordan is no stranger to these celebrations. اضافة اعلان

Announced in 2014, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) designated October 1 as the annual International Coffee Day to celebrate the coffee industry’s diversity, quality, and passion and is a chance for coffee aficionados to share their passion for the beverage while also supporting the millions of farmers who grow the crop for a living.

 According to studies, the tradition of drinking coffee dates back to the 15th century following the discovery of coffee beans in Ethiopia; the aromatic bean spread across the Arabian Peninsula and was being grown in Yemen and spread shortly afterwards into Persia, Syria, Turkey, and Egypt.

Today, coffee is considered an essential element to any morning routine. Studies have shown that a small amount of caffeine can enhance energy, giving you that extra boost to start your day. Beyond energy, coffee is also high in antioxidants, which help prevent wrinkles and aging. 

By adding coffee to your morning routine, you get to enjoy these mentioned components and start your day with a rush of positive energy while enjoying the second most popular and consumed commodity and one of the most popular drinks sold worldwide.
Celebrations in Jordan

Jordanians celebrated International Coffee Day by posting images of their coffee on social media platforms, and several local coffee houses celebrated by offering discounts on coffee. In the spirit of International Coffee Day, Jordan News interviewed Nader Mustafa, a barista and owner of Culaccino Coffee House. 

Mustafa told Jordan News that his love for coffee drove him to leave his full-time job, open a coffee house in Zarqa, and learn more about the barista profession.

 Mustafa added that in pursuit of his passion for coffee, he traveled to Florence to learn more about coffee, and he is now an SCA Certified Barista from Espresso Academy. Additionally, he added: “Now I am an official trainer with Espresso Academy for Arabic-speaking people.” 

Jordan is one of the world’s top coffee consumers, with Turkish coffee being one of the most popular drinks served. However, according to Mustafa, Jordanians’ perspectives regarding coffee are shifting, with espresso-based drinks, cappuccinos, lattes, and other beverages becoming more popular.

 “Jordanians are adopting a new idea known as specialty coffee, which refers to the best forms of coffee in terms of flavor, quality, and cultivation method,” Mustafa mentioned.

 He also stated that while Turkish coffee still holds the place as most popular, people are increasingly ordering lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based coffees. 

 In addition to Turkish coffee, Arabic coffee is also a significant part of Arab hospitality and is regarded as a ceremonial act of giving.

Niveen Succar, a coffee drinker, told Jordan News that she regularly downed more than three cups of coffee per day and that she simply could not begin her day without a cup of coffee. 

 “Coffee is about more than just taste and flavor. We’ve gotten accustomed to its power to influence our mental and social well-being. Coffee’s context has become just as vital as the beverage itself,” said Succar.

 She also added that every day is a celebration for coffee and appreciation for the coffee farmers. 

Beyond the appreciation, coffee also influences mental functioning positively, as any habitual caffeine drinker would admit. It boosts concentration, alertness, and attention by stimulating the activity in the brain.

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