17-time patented Jordanian engineer honored by alma mater

Jordanian engineer Ahmad Nabil Saleh receives recognition from Princess Sumaya University
Jordanian engineer Ahmad Nabil Saleh receives recognition from Princess Sumaya University for Technology, from which he graduated in 2008, for registering 17 patents, on June 6, 2021. (Photo: Handout from Ahmad Nabil Saleh)
AMMAN — In recognition of his achievement of registering 17 patents, electrical engineer Ahmad Nabil Saleh was honored by his alma mater earlier this month.اضافة اعلان

His university, Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), held a ceremony to celebrate his work as part of its Career Guidance and Alumni Office program under the college Deanship of Admissions and Registration on June 6.

“Instead of providing a quick solution, I tend to think outside of the box and try to develop an innovative solution,” Saleh said in an email interview with Jordan News.

“It was quite a surprise to me that PSUT was able to pull together this ceremony within three days, when they knew I am visiting Jordan and about to leave back to the US,” he added.

Saleh, who holds a master’s degree in electrical and computing engineering from Oakland University and currently works as a senior technical specialist in the United States, graduated from PSUT with a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering in 2008.

Thirteen years after his graduation, the alumnus expressed his pleasure to revisit his university and be met and awarded by his college professors and president. He also described how the campus has “changed a lot, to the better” in terms of renovations and additional programs and buildings.

Saleh patented his first innovation in 2015, and within five years he successfully recorded 17 inventions.

In general, all of his “patents either resolve a technical issue or optimize a system, in an innovative manner,” Saleh said.

“My inventions are in the field of wireless technologies, for both telecommunication and automotive applications,” he added. The engineer further explained that “the 17 patents cover a variety of technologies, such as 4G, Bluetooth, ultra-wideband, etc.”

Saleh spoke of his plans for more patents to come. His invention pace has slowed down a bit due to the increased management work and leadership responsibilities required for his new position at his fulltime job.

The Jordanian engineer pointed out that his “patents contribute to end products’ development, (some) of which may end up reaching Jordan,” he said, elaborating that “these products can be telecom services or features in a vehicle.”

This is not Saleh’s first recognition; he received nine excellence awards from his previous employer, Sprint, he told Jordan News. “These awards are granted for employees who achieve extraordinary results,” the engineer said.

Saleh also mentioned winning Oakland University’s 10 Within 10 Young Alumni Award. “This award recognizes the exceptional impact young alumni made within their professions and throughout their communities,” he noted.

Patenting his solutions gives the engineer “a great feeling of professional satisfaction.” Saleh also highlighted how opting for an innovative “way of work allowed me to publish these patents, enjoy my work, and receive acknowledgments from my leadership as well,” he said.  

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