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Two musicians overcome visual impairments ‘despite all obstacles’

1 blind musicians
Brothers Hussam and Khalil Abu Khadra are pictured in this undated photo. The two brothers are also talented musicians. (Photo: Handout from Amal Nashwan)
AMMAN —Hussam and Khalil Abu Khadra are brothers, who have managed to become skilled musicians despite both of them being blind.  Amal Nashwan, their mother, told Jordan News in an interview that “despite being blind, they are super talented.” اضافة اعلان

Nashwan added: “In our family we have no musicians, and we know nothing about music, however, this did not prevent us from giving our children all the support they needed.” 

She said that she has always felt that her children were gifted, which is why they chose to support them in developing their talents. “I advise from this platform that all parents stand by their children, listen to them, and support them because they need your support to achieve.” 

“Hussam, my oldest son, who is 23 years old, has been enjoying music since he was just three, that is why we decided to get him an organ,” she said 
“From the first minute, we noticed that he can easily play it and figure out what each button is for. After time passed, he started to play all the music he hears, and now I can say that he is super talented.”

She added that her youngest son, Khalil, who is just 15 years old, has enjoyed drumming since he was just one. “He used to drum on the bed, table, walls, and everything around him.” 

“We stood by them, and have appreciated their talents till they grew up, because we highly believe that God gave them these talents and our role is to benefit from what God has gifted us,” she said. 

The mother said that despite her children’s musical talent, their school did not support them or give them a chance to develop their talent.
“Schools usually care for education only, despite the fact that children may be talented in different fields besides education,” she said. 

“Music left a great positive impact on my children’s personality; it empowered them and made them stronger,” she added. 

“They dream of being well-known musicians, however, we in Jordan do not respect such talent,” she said. “We do not need a material fund, what we need is only moral support from governmental and private entities to lead children, and believe in their talents.” 

She said that only one musical institute had welcomed her children, and that the institute had emphasized that her children are talented enough to need no further lessons, “unlike many other institutes that even refused to take them just because of their health condition,” she added. 

“Despite all the obstacles and challenges they may face, my children will always fight for their dreams, and we will always believe in their talents.” 
“Those who suffer from certain disabilities, do have talents in certain fields too, and we should work on discovering and developing them. I believe that my children are gifted with a musical ear and that makes them special and different,” she said.

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