Mira Habash aspiring young singer

(Photos: Handouts from Mira Habash)
Mira Habash, a Lebanese-Jordanian singer, grew up in an artistic family with many talents who encouraged her love for singing. 

اضافة اعلان
(Photos: Handouts from Mira Habash)

“I remember I had a teacher who noticed that I loved to sing, so she included me in the schools’ choir practices. After that I took guitar lessons. I wanted to be able to carry around an instrument that I can play. I loved to sing with live music and still do,” Habash said. 

She decided to pursue a career in professional singing. 

“At first, I used to upload song covers on my Instagram for fun. I always thought that I would sing as a hobby, something for me to do on the side while having a job, but I changed my mind when my friends talked me into performing live at a private party, back in 2017. You could say it was my first-time singing solo in front of a crowd. Prior to that I had performed many times as a member of a choir,” she said. 

“I was immediately hooked; it is like an addiction and I loved live singing and performing,” she added. 

She feels that music takes her to another place: “I can listen to the same song multiple times and focus on different things each time; it will feel like the first time listening to the song,” Habash said, adding that “every new show is a new opportunity to learn and add to my experience as a performer. You can show up at an event without knowing anyone there, yet the music will connect all of you together, you will feel like you fit in.” 

The aspiring singer is currently based in the UAE, but she came back to Jordan to celebrate the festive season. 

“Christmas is sort of my season, I do lots of shows, I sing Jazz style, alongside classical music, sometimes even combining both,” she said.
Habash regularly listens to different music genres. Some musicians who inspire her are Julia Butros, Celine Dion, Louis Armstrong, and Abeer Neme. 
“My family are very supportive. Like I said, around Christmas time I do a lot of live shows; usually it is the same set of songs but different venues. My family never missed a show, they are always with the crowd filming the performances and cheering me up,” Habash said. 

She loves the Christmas band “I normally perform with during the season; we are usually two or three people singing and interacting together. I enjoy it, while learning from the other performers’ experience, and the audience gets to enjoy the performances because they are able to watch all of us harmonizing together,” she added.  

Around three years ago, Habash released “Khalina Naeesh” (let us live), which is an Arabic adaption of the French song “Je Veux”, by ZAZ. The song gathered over one million views on her YouTube channel. 

“I can speak French and I relate so much to the lyrics of ‘Je Veux’, it is a catchy song and people loved it without understanding what it meant. The song talks about loving life, freedom and feeling joyful. I remade it in Arabic because I wanted people who do not speak French to understand the lyrics as well,” she said. 

Habash said the pandemic affected her as a singer. 

“I usually try to keep myself busy, the pandemic forced me to chill, it gave me the push and time I needed to sit, relax and actually play music,” she said. 
“I would say that my love for music was ‘renewed’, I ‘rediscovered’ how much I love singing,” she added.

Talking about social media, she said “I do not want to share personal details about me and my life, but I want to share my talent with others. It is a rewarding feeling because generally people are supportive, plus I am kind of lazy and social media platforms need consistency”. 

“I want to focus on my music more, but I do not want it to be my only focus. I never want it to feel like a chore because then I am afraid I will get bored of it and eventually lose interest,” she told Jordan News.

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