Luay Hijazeen Incorporating struggles and emotions into music

Luay Hijazeen
Singer, songwriter, composer, and producer Luay Hijazeen draws inspiration from his personal experiences and struggles when making music. (Photos: Luay Hijazeen’s Facebook account)
AMMAN — Luay Hijazeen is a songwriter, composer, producer, and singer. At 14 year old, Hijazeen was into coding, programming, PCs in general, and listening to music. One day, he was surfing YouTube and discovered a song that was made via the singer’s laptop, which sparked in Hijazeen a need to find out how it was created. He stared making electronic music.اضافة اعلان

During his studies at the University of Jordan, he was playing music with Aziz Marqa, which inspired him to switch his degree from finance to music. In 2017, Hijazeen began writing his own music and, because he didn’t know how to sing, he wanted other musicians to lend their vocal talent.

(Photos: Handouts from Luay Hijazeen)

However, Marqa had another idea and pushed his friend to start developing his singing ability. He urged his friend to learn what music best suited his voice, Hijazeen said in an interview with Jordan News.

Hijazeen draws inspiration from a variety of places, and doesn’t have one single style. It “differs depending on how I feel,” he said, explaining that his music reflects his personal struggles, and that making music is how he copes.

Life stories and emotions have a strong influence on him, and each of his songs embraces a specific message. One song called “Jwa El Atmeh” (“Into the Darkness” in Arabic), for example, addresses mental struggles and overthinking. Love also features prominently in Hijazeen’s music.

(Photos: Handouts from Luay Hijazeen)

The musician’s initial — and ongoing — struggle to pin down a specific music style for himself has, however, given him the ability to make music with a wide variety of musicians, as he’s able to adapt to a diverse variety of styles.

Hijazeen, being proud of his Jordanian and Palestinian heritage, prefers to sing in those dialects. He stressed the importance he placed on singing in his own dialects as a way of being able to reflect himself and his culture, as well as properly express his feelings.

The musician loves being on stage and organizing every detail of the events, which he admitted was exhausting. The pressure that came with the planning, together with the high costs of organizing such events on his own, eventually forced him to put his event organizing activities on hold.

(Photos: Handouts from Luay Hijazeen)

Hijazeen continually sought out opportunities to collaborate with other artists, but was frequently rejected. This pushed him to find a more formal way to work together with others.

In June 2020, he founded Rush Production House, an organization through which he hopes to shed light on and foster new talents. The musician is working to expand Rush’s activities.

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