Local musician reaches new heights through social media

Mosaab Mahadeen
(Photo: Handout from Mosaab Mahadeen)
AMMAN — Jordanian singer Mosaab Mahadeen has performed on stage at the Royal Cultural Center and on TV with the Caravan Band competition, but it wasn’t until the musician branched out on social media that his career took off, he told Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

Mahadeen started singing at the age of four, and in addition to his vocal talent, the musician also plays the oud; which he used to perform at every family gathering. The habit fostered his love for performing, he said.

“My family would have to be my biggest supporters, and they believe in me,” the singer said in an interview with Jordan News.

Mahadeen has performed at the Royal Cultural Center, but he began his musical career on Roya TV after he won in the Caravan Band competition in 2013.

“Other musicians and I worked with Roya TV for four months as a band, and we used to perform live every week during the Caravan Show,” he said.

However, the local musician said that after he started sharing his talent on social media, his career took a jump. “I jumped into the ring on my own as a singer, telling the truth of my own experiences in my songs,” he said.

“I launched my first single, Sou’ Ekhtyar, in 2019 on my YouTube channel and it has reached more than 200,000 views,” he added.

According to Mahadeen, the music industry in Jordan suffers from poor levels of production, and many investors do not believe in local talent. Up-and-coming Jordanian singers also lack experience in front of live audiences, according to Mahadeen.

That leaves YouTube and other social media platforms, which is one of the most effective channels for musicians and singers to be discovered by their audiences, said Mahadeen. YouTube and other social media platforms allow artists to reach a large number of listeners and also gives them more control over the distribution of their music. His YouTube channel has more than 2,000 subscribers and his videos have accumulated thousands of views.

“It is not easy to get subscribers on YouTube, which means that those people believe in your talent and would like to listen to you and know more about you,” he said.

The musician covers Arabic songs by many Arab singers, such as Lebanese legend Fairouz and Egyptian singers Tamer Ashour, Sherine, and Mohammad Hamaki. Mahadeen said he especially enjoys singing songs in the Egyptian dialect, especially those that capture strong emotions.

Mahadeen has also auditioned for talent shows like The Voice, Arab Idol, and others. He described these shows as good for helping artists make their dreams a reality. However, he noted that his own performances were never shown on TV.

Mahadeen urged the media to shed light on local artists in order to support them and showcase their talents. “There are many talented people in Jordan, and they need a chance to stand out,” he said.

At the moment, Mahadeen is finishing work on his own singles and covers of famous songs.

“I hope that my songs reach the largest number of people,” he added. “I won’t stop working and I’m looking forward to getting back, with even newer material.”

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