Jeena Haddadin: A versatile musician

(Photos: Handouts from Jeena Haddadin)
AMMAN — Jeena Haddadin started singing at a young age; her mother discovered her talent, supported her, and encouraged her to join her school choir. اضافة اعلان

Musician Jeena Haddadin. (Photos: Handouts from Jeena Haddadin)

At 16, Haddadin’s neighbor — who was a music coach — heard her sing and asked her to join her first band, in which they never performed. It was, however, a good experience for her future music career, as they used to practice. 

Haddadin studied business information technology, but she started to meet musicians of all ages and artistic backgrounds, which allowed her to build an artistic network. 

After graduating, she worked in several fields, such as IT, marketing, and event planning. At the same time, she joined “The Jazz Group” band, in which “we technically made jazz and blues music. Till now, I am performing with the guitarist and the drummer, who are very talented,” Haddadin said in an interview with Jordan News.

At a certain point, she had to decide whether to do music or focus on her job. 
“I decided to quit my job in marketing because I could not do my work in the morning and perform music at night. The decision was hard to make, but I had to choose one of them,” Haddadin said. 

The decision was beneficial to her music career, as she started to put herself out, focus on music, and sing more genres of music: hip-hop, classical Arabic, pop, and even playing drums.

“It is nice to be financially stable from music, especially when the dominant stereotype in Jordan is that music would not support you financially. Now I can face this stereotype and tell people that if they work hard and combine music and marketing, they may have good results,” Haddadin said, adding that she is not only a singer but also her own marketing and sales manager, whose purpose is to have a successful musical career. 
Now, Haddadin does not have a specific band, but people ask for Jeena Haddadin, the musician who can perform many types of music. She chooses the band to suit the music the client prefers.

“I do not prefer a specific type of music, it depends on what I like to listen to. For example, some days I like to listen to rock and other times to classical Arabic. I want to sing what I love to listen to, and I love all kinds of music,” she said.

(Photos: Handouts from Jeena Haddadin)

The message Haddadin wants to deliver to the people who listen to her music is to disconnect from reality and live the moment when music can take them to other places. She performs in six languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.  

In 2011, Haddadin performed on stage for the first time during a TEDx event that hosted approximately 600 people. 

“I remember that I was very excited and well-rehearsed, yet, at the same time, I was extremely nervous and stressed,” she said.

What Haddadin loves most about her music career is the freedom of being her own master, as she picks what is suitable for her. Also, she loves to connect with people through her music, deliver her vibes and meet new artists.

Performances abroad included those in Dubai and Lebanon. She worked with Anghami and Bershka in Lebanon as well, where musicians from all over the Arabic world took part. 

“I have to learn how to deal with my stress, not overwork myself, and how and when to take my breaks because it is so important to recharge my energy. It is important to find another hobby as well, and for me, that is diving. Also, you have to know when to say no to what is unsuitable for you,” Haddadin said.  
One of the most important projects Haddadin has been working with for the last two years is the Jordan Female Artists Collective (JFAC), which brings together, and works to empower, many artists from Jordan. 

“Through this project, we are breaking stereotypes about women who work, we do interesting things, and we support each other,” she said.

Her advice for the younger generation of musicians is that they do not have to judge themselves harshly; instead, they can ask other people for their opinion and not be afraid of publishing their music.

Her role model is her mother and aunts, who show their strength in the most challenging situations, support each other, and have shown her that women can do everything they put their mind to.   

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