Jordanian ‘Voices Amplified’ cultural films to screen at Malmö Festival

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(Photos: Handouts from the Royal Film Commission)
Three Jordanian films, “Sheta”, “Red Dish”, and “Closure, will be taking part in the 12th Malmö Arab Film Festival on May 4–9 after their participation in the first phase of the “Voices Amplified” program, which recently concluded. اضافة اعلان

The program was created in partnership with the Swedish Institute and the Royal Film Commission (RFC) and was conducted under the theme of cultural heritage.

“Voices Amplified ” seeks to support up-and-coming Jordanian filmmakers who are passionate about portraying their reality through creative means but maintaining filmmakers’ agency over the narratives. 

The three films were screened at the RFC Theater in Rainbow Street. Each film reflects the cultures and traditions of society.

“Sheta” by director Karam Awada and producer Rahmeh Hassan follows the story of a Syrian refugee couple who face difficulties adjusting in Jordan. The film addresses issues of labor, economic, and social issues.

“Red Dish” by director Mohammad Khabour and producer Saed Arouri revolves around a man’s search for a bride and his mother’s attempts to curse her with magic and superstition.

Finally, “Closure” by director Mooney Abu Samra and producer Rama Ayasra is a philosophical and experimental film. It seeks to express the importance of hope, survival, and family love through self-discovery. The film was full of beautiful panoramic scenes shot in Wadi Rum.

RFC Managing Director Mohannad Al-Bakri told Jordan News that “short films showcase your talent. We are thrilled that the ‘Voices Amplified’ project successfully unleashed the creativity of the participating Jordanian filmmakers and enabled them to tell their stories through three quality Jordanian short narrative films.”

The selected participants took part in training and were provided with mentorship by reputable Swedish and Jordanian filmmakers. Three workshops were conducted, including script development, production, and post-production.

Each of the projects will be granted a maximum of JD4,000 to produce their short narrative films and screen them in Jordan.

“We were fortunate to have reputable Swedish and Jordanian experts on board, who shared the filmmakers’ journey from script development until post-production reaching this satisfying result,” added Bakri.

“There is a milestone awaiting these talented Jordanian filmmakers to screen their short films at the prestigious Malmö Arab Film Festival in its 12th edition in May. We value our partnership with the festival and the support of the Swedish Institute, who made this possible.”

The three short films will be screened at the festival with the attendance of a representative for each project. The program will cover all travel expenses.

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