A testament to resilience: 'Were It Not for Metro' transcends boundaries

Documentary to be screened for the first time in the Middle East at Shoman Foundation

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In its first screening in the Middle East, the Lebanese film "Were It Not for Metro" by Georges Hachem is set to take center stage at the Shoman Foundation during the "Lebanese Film Night" tonight, Tuesday. اضافة اعلان

This documentary spotlights the lives of eight talented Lebanese performers who converge on the renowned Metro Al-Madina cabaret in Beirut.

Offering a multi-faceted portrait of these individuals, the documentary showcases their remarkable talent, unwavering determination, and serendipitous journeys that brought them together on this acclaimed stage.

A tapestry of dreams unveiledThe heart of "Were It Not for Metro" beats with the experiences and aspirations of these performers, spanning from 2013 to 2020.

The documentary takes audiences on a captivating journey into the lives of eight extraordinary performers who leave an indelible mark on the stage.

Yasmina Fayed entrances viewers with her mesmerizing vocals, seamlessly transitioning between singing and acting to create unforgettable performances. Zeiad Ahmadyeh, a gifted musician and composer, composes melodies that resonate deep. Randa Fahoul, a graceful dancer and choreographer, uses her movements to tell untold stories.

Samah abu Almuna brings laughter and joy to all who watch, as his talents as an actor and comedian light up the stage. there is a skilled musician, a skilled musician and sound engineer, adds depth and texture to every performance.

We also have, a master of lighting design, paints the stage with his artistry, with a dedicated stage manager, ensures that every show runs smoothly.

At the helm of it all is Hachem, the visionary director of the theater, who weaves the stories of these remarkable individuals into a captivating narrative.

Through their stories, the essence of Beirut's spirit is captured, showcasing their relentless pursuit of dreams in the face of daunting challenges.

The Metro Al-Madina cabaret serves as a poignant backdrop, symbolizing a place where their aspirations metamorphose into tangible reality, offering solace and a sense of belonging in a turbulent world.

While specific plot details remain veiled, the film radiates a celebration of art's power, resilience, and the vibrant cultural scene that thrives within Lebanon's borders.

This film invites audiences into an intimate exploration of their stories, paying homage to their indomitable spirit and their ability to infuse joy and hope through their art.

A glimpse into the spirit of LebanonPainting a moving portrait of a closely knit group of artists who have found solace and inspiration within the walls of the Metro Al-Madina, the documentary's profound impact extends beyond the theater's walls.

It testifies to the resilience of the Lebanese people. Despite the countless challenges endured, the performers depicted in the film persevere, creating art and bringing solace to others.

Throughout the film, these performers confront an array of challenges amidst Lebanon's political and social upheaval. The turmoil that engulfs the nation impacts their lives profoundly, forcing them to navigate a landscape rife with uncertainty and unrest.

Moreover, the performers grapple with the economic hardships that have plagued Lebanon, adding an additional layer of complexity to their artistic endeavors.

Praised by critics for its sensitive portrayal of the performers and its insightful glimpse into a piece of Lebanese culture, the film has garnered acclaim and garnered numerous awards at international film festivals.

"Were It Not for Metro" is an absolute must-see for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Lebanese culture, the transformative power of art, or an uplifting testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

"Were It Not for Metro" lingers in the hearts of its viewers long after the credits roll.

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