Raya Jildeh and her self-reflecting vibrant art

(Photos: Raya Jildeh’s Instagram account)
AMMAN — Raya Jildeh is an artist who has always had a passion for painting and drawing. At first, she practiced art as a hobby, now Jildeh pursues art as her profession. “Art has always been my passion, ever since I was young, I’ve always used to sketch generally I love design, colors, home styling, music and everything instinctive and related to creativity,” Jildeh said in an interview with Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

(Photos: Raya Jildeh’s Instagram account)

When it comes to her artwork, Jildeh shared that it mirrors her personality as a lively person who enjoys colors, which is why her work is incredibly vibrant. While she hasn’t settled on a definite direction or style for her paintings, she centers her paintings around what she is thinking or feeling at the time. 

In addition, Jildeh shared that places, moments, music, people, and different artworks usually inspire her as an artist. She went on to say that everything around her inspires her in some manner. She also shared that some of her art is derived from an existing piece, and they may be tied to or inspired by a particular theme or carry a specific message.

“Your canvas is limitless; you can be as expressive as possible. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art; it’s a matter of taste,” said Jildeh, adding that the more an artist paints, the more their style develops and the more they discover what they enjoy doing the most. She also believes that a person’s paintings reveal a great deal about their personality. 

(Photos: Raya Jildeh’s Instagram account)

Jildeh paints abstract, fauvism, modern art, and decorative art, and she claims that her works are far from reality. She talked about what art means to her and how the atelier is her happy place. “To me, it’s therapeutic, and it’s my ‘ME’ time. It’s my joy. I enjoy every bit of it. If I could describe it in one word, it would be happiness,” Jildeh shared.

She considers her unfinished ballerina painting to be her most valuable piece of art. The painting holds a lot of sentimental meaning for her: “It was the artwork my husband used to propose to me. He wrote, ‘Will you marry me’ over the painting. So, as a result, it holds a special place in my heart.”

(Photos: Raya Jildeh’s Instagram account)

In most of her artworks, the portrayal of women is apparent; women have a prominent presence in the artist’s paintings. This is because, to the artist, women represent empowerment, positivity and are more expressive. She believes that she relates to the painting more when it includes women.

She added that the message she attempts to portray through her art varies depending on the piece; some have a specific message, while others represent a mood or a general theme.

Jildeh studied art with the Jordanian artist Farid Fakhredin as her mentor. He taught her how to use oil paint and be brave with colors; she shared that she owes all she has now to him since his encouragement allowed her to take the next step and convert her passion into a career.

“If you have it in you and you’re passionate about it, make time for it and grow your talent, even if it’s once a week. Never stop practicing because you will always find something to learn,” the artist shared as advice to anyone looking to pursue their passion.

(Photos: Raya Jildeh’s Instagram account)

Social media enabled the artist to reach more people and enter a space where aspiring and established artists can share their art and works with the world without physically being together in one area. In addition, it paved the path for reaching out to different people, age groups, counties, and people who share common interests.

“Social media is very beneficial when it comes to that specific matter. But like any other media tool, it has its pros and cons. Paintings have no exclusivity. They can easily be copied now,” Jildeh said.

 She stated that social media is also an eye-opener to what is going on in the world of art, including exhibitions, artists, and talents. The artist is continually exposed to what’s new and popular. She also shared that people don’t need an exhibition or an art place to display their artworks anymore; Instagram is a space where anyone may present all of their work in whatever way they want, at any time.

“Art, like everything else, brings like-minded people together; it creates a community, a school of thought and creativity in which you can be inspired and be influenced by artists, people, and viewpoints and opinions,” Jildeh concluded.

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